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Top 10 things to See in Venice

Venice, Italy is one of Europe’s most beautiful and romantic cities. The city was built atop the marshy Venetian Lagoon area and is world-renowned...

Moksha To The Departed Soul or Rest In Peace (RIP)

Nowadays you must have seen the use of the word RIP on social media or elsewhere. If you have not understood what it means,...

Ravana Ten Heads – The Symbols Of Ten Demerits

In Hindu religious scriptures, Ravana has been described as a mighty, mighty, great scholar and the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva. It is believed...

Philosophy of Hinduism



MV Ganga Vilas: All You Should Know About Purpose, Ticket, Facility, and More

MV Ganga Vilas: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today flagged off the world's longest river cruise MV Ganga Vilas in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh through video...


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The Twelve Days of Christmas Lyrics

Here are the lyrics of a christmas carol song twelve days of christmas lyrics.On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me: A...

Philosophy of Hinduism

From the word Hindu meaning `people living on the banks of the river Sindhu' to a religion-cum-philosophy, Hinduism has certainly grown a lot. The...

Islam Religion – History and Belief

Islam was propounded by Prophet Mohammed (born around AD 570 in Mecca). Muslims are also referred to as Mohammedans.The sacred book of the Muslims...

Sanatan Dharma: Saluting The God Sun in Hinduism

Sanatan Dharma: Hinduism lays particular emphasis on the worship of the sun God: the source of all sustenance, the giver of energy, symbolizing the...

Chhath Puja – Worship method, History, and Significance

Chhath Puja: The only festival in Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) which has been going on since the Vedic period or rather, the oldest festival of...



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