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Dive Sites: Top 10 things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is the perfect holiday destination with its warm climate, world-class beaches, and first-class service. For those that dig a little deeper, Sharm el-Sheikh also offers some of the best scuba-diving spots in the world. These are my top 10 dive sites in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Ras Mohamed

Ras Mohammed National Park is home to many of the greatest dive sites in Sharm el-Sheikh. The waters around the area are abundant with very diverse wildlife under the surface, attracting thousands of divers each year.

There are 10 dive sites within the park’s boundaries and the wildlife includes Barracudas and Hammerhead Sharks.

Jackson Reef

Jackson Reef is the most popular site within the Tiran straits. Divers are treated to some fantastic coral formations as they move past a wall surrounding the perimeter of the area and in certain months, Hammerhead sharks are known to be sighted in the region. Elsewhere, there are turtles and additional reefs completing the experience.

The Thistlegorm

A very iconic wreck, this diving spot is very difficult as the stern of the ship lies at a great depth, making it perfect for those wishing to test themselves. The surroundings are wonderful and this scenic diving spot has long been considered one of the very best in the world.

Laguna Reef

Situated on the west of Tiran Island, this reef is divided into two sections, both very attractive dives which are to be done only in good conditions. It’s a deep dive with drift and is influenced strongly by the currents in the area.

The abundance of Clownfish in the area is usually a strong pull factor as well. 

The Alternatives

The Alternatives make up a collection of ergs, such as ‘Stingray Station’ and ‘The Lonely Mushroom’, which are perfect for budding scuba-divers. The current in the area usually means that the coral reefs are blown with intensity, casting a lot of colors down beneath the waves. There is also a large lagoon between some of the diving spots.


This is one of the most historically significant wrecks in the world. A great diving spot for experienced divers, Dunraven’s wreck lies upside down next to a massive coral reef and there are three entry points for those that wish to explore the wreck.

The area can be a little rough at times as there is little protection from the waves.

Rosalie Moller

This is one of the more interesting ship-wreck dives in Sharm; it’s for experienced divers only as it is unsettling for those not used to such unique scenery. There is plenty of salt in the water so visibility is not perfect but it exhibits a whole other world for those looking to see something vastly different.

The Temple

Situated in the Ras Um Sid bay, The Temple is a rather unique spot, exhibiting a massive group of coral pillars that rise up from the ocean floor.

The largest pinnacle is known as the Tower and features many wonderful fish species and other marine animals. A lack of current makes it perfect for night-time dives.


Amphoras gets its name from the Turkish ship that the site plays host to. The wreck isn’t as significant as some of the other spots around but there are a few remnants to spot, dotted between the coral formations.

Species such as Pipefish and Scorpionfish are usually spotted in this diving spot.

Sharks Bay

Despite the ominous label, Sharks Bay isn’t home to a shark infestation of any sort. It’s a small cove near Sharm el-Sheikh airport and is renowned for being the perfect starting point for those looking to get into the art of scuba-diving.

Its vibrant selection of marine wildlife also makes it a perfect night-time diving site as well.

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