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Daily Food Pyramid: Types and Benefits

Daily Food pyramid is a basic nutrition guide. Mainly, the food pyramid is a series of ordered groupings of food chains with the most important ingredients at the top. Each level of the food pyramid preys on the level below. According to medical research, the food pyramid is known as the food guide pyramid. The food guide pyramid is a routine guideline for nutrition. The food guide pyramid was decided by the USDA. USDA is referred to as the United States Department of Agriculture. It is also known as the Agriculture Department of the United States Federal Executive Department.

Types of Daily Food Pyramid

The new improved American food pyramid was declared in the year 1992. Basically, the American food pyramid advised on the proper amount of each food category that one person should eat every day. From this daily nutrition chart, the concept of a daily food pyramid generates. Daily food pyramid recommends what amount of each food category one normal person should take each day. Food category consists of three types of foods such as protein, carbohydrate and fat.

The food guide pyramid modified and innovated the food groups classification. On 19th April of the year 2005, the USDA, or United States Department of Agriculture disclosed the successor of the food guide pyramid. It was known as My Pyramid. My Pyramid is a modification of the United States food guide pyramid.

The colors of the food guide pyramid describe different types of nutritious foods. Let’s glance through the colors of the daily food pyramid-

  • Red stands for fruits
  • Orange stands for grains
  • Yellow stands for fats and oils
  • Purple stands for meat, fish, beans and nuts
  • Green stands for vegetables
  • Blue stands for milk and dairy products

The daily food pyramid has described an easier way to keep yourself healthy as well as fit. The daily food pyramid should be followed according to your age as an adult boy or girl is more active than others. Kids basically need more calorie-based foods as they burn ample calories through their daily activities. Here you can see the perfect balance of nutrition regarding the daily food pyramid.

Benefits of daily food pyramid

It is better to eat lots of whole grains like brown rice, wheat bread and oatmeal. Vegetables, fruits as well as fruit juices should be a part of a daily food pyramid chart as fruit juices produce energy. As we all know, Calcium builds strong bones. Everybody should take proper amounts of Calcium based food such as calcium-fortified orange juice, milk and yogurt. Iron is another essential element for the human body, iron-fortified food such as meat, fish, beans and nuts should be in your daily diet. But, the food should be taken according to your age and digestion capacity. You can take all these mentioned foods, but make sure about one thing, your daily meals should be comprised of the proper amount of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats, proteins, and water.

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