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Food Pyramid Games: About and benefits

Food and Fitness are two inseparable terms in modern time. Previously the two didn’t go together and people stuffed themselves with food that didn’t go by the usual program of Diet Planning. Fitness activities developed and reached the peak of popularity for a couple of decades. Now people from all possible spheres and age groups go through the process of Diet Planning and well organized Balanced Diet, even though Food Pyramid Games and Activities to maintain their health.

About the Food Pyramid Games

The newest feather in the cap of Food and Fitness that has been added in recent years is common awareness about the Food Pyramid through interesting Food games and Activities, which has attracted the attention of the young generation starting from early learners to teenagers and have also been the topic of research and development in the Education and Information Sectors around the globe.

Many dietary councils and public health sectors are upholding several newly designed Food Pyramid Games and Diet Planning Programs and Activity packages that can eliminate the lack of idea regarding the need for daily dietary balance and exercise along with the general awareness to uproot the common health discomforts arising from the unplanned diet. The content of cognition is increased in recent days among young people in developing countries around the globe, about what to and what not to include in their daily diets.

Benefits of Food Pyramid Games

The main aim of these Food Games and Activity Sessions that are available at the common E-shacks in the form of Activity Books, Learning Manuals and interesting Food Pyramid Games CD Roms, is to guide people, especially children into a healthy future by proper dietary awareness.

The commonly popular forms of the Food Pyramid Games and Activity Kits are:

  • The Food Game, “MyPyramidMatch” gives an idea about the five principal food groups and also teaches the young learner through an interactive and reasoning-based gaming session, the quantity of food they need from each of those groups along with monitored physical activity support.
  • The Games ‘BreakFAST and Jump To It” teach the point of having a well-balanced healthy breakfast every day.
  • The “Calcium Quiz” is a similar Food Pyramid Quiz developed to teach the learners about the proper level of mineral intake in their diets through Calcium rich food sources.

Some of the Food Pyramid Games designed for teenagers and the adult are:

  • The “TeenBEAT – Basic Exercise and Activity Tracker” is an interesting set of interactive high-quality quiz-based questionnaires enabling teenagers to check the amount of exercise they need to beat off their daily food intake for their healthy up keeping.
  • The “Personal Nutritional Planner” and “Meal Matter” are similar programs for adults connecting the principles of the Food Pyramid and Games in a candid and interesting way.

The United States Department of Agriculture for Kids has launched highly interesting interactive and reasoning-based Food Pyramid Games attracting hordes of young enthusiasts under the banner of this brand awareness campaign. The Food Games they include in their launched CD Roms are varied from simple reasoning sessions for very young people to logically programmed level-based games, quizzes and activities for teenagers.

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