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Food Pyramid Blast Off: About and Knowledge

Food Pyramid Blast Off: The idea of the Food Pyramid has recently been founded and it is developing at an athlete’s pace toward an ultimate health awareness boom, in terms of healthy eating and regular exercise for a much healthier future. By the turn of this century due to the worldwide Food Pyramid-linked health awareness measures taken, we can expect to see a major breakthrough in the existing awareness campaign. The Food Pyramid Blast Off game is developed for kids to spread the basic idea about the significance of the Food Pyramid in diet, exercise and daily health.

About Food Pyramid Blast Off

This awareness-initiating boom is the aim of the self-playing interactive game called the Food Pyramid Blast Off launched by the “JUST RUN” team who are an association collaborating with the “Big Sur International Marathon”, organizing running programs, Food Pyramid Games CD Roms, educational sites online and a host of Food Pyramid Games and Activities. The activities of the association include several fitness programs for the youth, including monitored exercise and running sessions, school-organized relay races, and educational programs both in class and distance, either operating through schools or, through the association itself in order to spread the message.

The institute is funded by the “Big Sur International Marathon” and also by local investors designed to work through a network of closely knit NGOs’ centered around the Monterey Country. The game Food Pyramid Blast Off has gained sharp attention not only of the kids but also of parents, educators and organizers in the pertinent fields of media and communication. The Food Pyramid Blast Off game upholds basic fitness and running tips for the children to follow, not in dry instructional mode but through interestingly structured standardized game sessions where the kids are exposed to practical questions and asked to look up their probable common solutions.

Some of the concept connection points dealt with in the Food Pyramid Blast-Off game are given as follows:

  • The point of doing more exercise for proper calorie burn is simulated in the Pyramid Blast Off game by the energy management of the Rocket on a trip among the stellar expanses in space.
  • Warm up and drills as start-ups for a healthy exercise session.
  • Relay races are simulated in the Pyramid Blast Off Games as points and prize wins are carried over to the next levels of the competition as the child finishes the gradually structured game stages.
  • Running in the rain and acrobatics for fun are also similar interesting programs to be worth mentioning.

Under the support of the “Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula,” the Just Kids Race Series in the “JUST RUN” association has launched these spectacular My Pyramid Blast Off and Food Pyramid Blast Off games, not only in home versions but also in the form of a public gaming event on 10th of November 2007 and 26th of April 2008 at the Custom House Plaza, in Monterey, California. The gaming event starts at 9:00 AM and invites all the kids ages five, or, above along with their parents, educators, and patrons. The open house event also gives all the participants T-shirts as consolation prizes and medals for the winners in the gaming sessions.

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