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Moral Story: A Farmer and His Three Sons

In a village far away, there lived a farmer with his wife and three sons. The farmer and his wife worked very hard on their farm. But their sons were lazy and slept all day.

One day, the youngest son asked his mother to cook some tasty food. His mother said, ‘We do not grow many crops. So, we do not have much food.’ ‘Why don’t we grow more crops?’, asked the son.

Just then, the farmer came and heard his son. He angrily said, ‘None of you three work on the farm. How can we grow more crops?’
youngest son told his brothers what their father had said. They both said, ‘We want to eat good food, but we do not want to work’. But the youngest son started helping his parents on the farm. Soon, the farm was covered with green crops.

One day, the other two sons were resting under a tree. Just then, they saw a herd of goats eating the crops.

They both got up and started chasing away the animals. Their mother saw them and laughed. She said, ‘Do not run after the animals. Help us build a fence to keep them out.’ The second son decided to help his father build a fence.

After a few days, the crop grew tall. One day, the eldest son saw some birds eating the crop. He got very angry and chased them away. The father laughed and said, ‘Do not chase the birds. Why don’t you help me make a scarecrow?’ Hearing this, the
eldest son decided to help his father.

They made a scarecrow and the birds did not come again. Together, they all worked hard on the farm and ate good food. They are now a happy family.

Moral of the Story

A loving and helpful family is a happy family.

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