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MV Ganga Vilas: All You Should Know About Purpose, Ticket, Facility, and More

MV Ganga Vilas: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today flagged off the world’s longest river cruise MV Ganga Vilas in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh through video conferencing on 13 January 2023. The 32 visitors will make the first trip to reach Dibrugarh in Assam via Bangladesh.

Even though the ticket for this trip with five-star luxury facilities is in the lakhs, overseas travellers are jostling for bookings. You’ll be astonished to learn that the year 2024, i.e. the next two years, is practically completely booked. About 68 crore rupees were spent on making Ganga Vilas Cruise as per the director Raj Singh of this cruise.

10 Big Facts About MV Ganga Vilas

India’s First Cruise Ship Made In India

MV Ganga Vilas is the first cruise ship which is built in India. Dr Anipurna Ganimala designed the Gagla villas cruise. The interiors are created with Indian culture and heritage in mind. The Cruise’s design incorporates bright and light hues. The artworks were also chosen with Indian culture in mind. In adorning the boat, the emphasis has been on Make in India and Indianness.

The Maiden voyage of MV Ganga Vilas Cruise

It covers a distance of 3,200 km in 51 days. The 32 passengers of Switzerland making the maiden voyage were welcomed at the Varanasi port with the tunes of Mallyastha and Shehnai. They will go on a cruise before visiting various religious and historical places in Varanasi.

MV Ganga Vilas Cruises & Development Associated With It

With this cruise, many places in Eastern India will now be included in the list of world tourist destinations. This will provide opportunities for development on the banks of the Ganges and employment for thousands of people living on the banks of the Ganges.

MV Ganga Vilas Cruise Capacity

According to Cruise Director Raj Singh, this five-star hotel has 18 workshops with a capacity of 36 soldering irons. Apart from this, there is a provision of tents for 40 crew members. Equipped with modern facilities, the vessel is 62 meters long and 12 meters wide and requires a draft of 1.4 metres.

MV Ganga Vilas Tour

This approach will take 27 river crossings and pass through various prominent places. Uttar Pradesh Tourism Minister Jaiveer Singh has issued a statement in Lucknow, Cruise World heritage sites, national parks, river ghats and coasts of Bihar, Sahibganj in Jharkhand, Kolkata in West Bengal, Dhaka in Bangladesh and Guwahati in Assam are major Will cover 50 tourist places including the city.

route of ganga vilas cruise

The facility in MV Ganga Vilas Cruise

  • The cruise is also equipped with facilities like a spa, salon and gym.
  • Passengers are provided with all amenities in this.
  • Musical nights, cultural programs, concerts, and other activities are planned for their enjoyment.
  • There is a gym, a spa, an open garden, and a spacious balcony.
  • Apart from this, special arrangements have also been made for sunbath on the roof of the cruise.

MV Ganga Vilas Cruise Ticket Price

The total cost for the 51-day voyage would cost around Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 a day, with a total cost of around Rs 20 lakh per passenger. The cruise is equipped with a complete system and noise control technology, he said.

  • The estimated cost of one trip: INR 20 lakh approx per passenger
  • Average cost: Around Rs 50,000 per day

How to book MV Ganga Vilas ticket

One can book tickets from the official website of Antara Luxury River Cruises. Currently, booking is impossible as a Swiss-based company has already booked the ongoing journey. The next trip is likely to be in September for which bookings will start.

MV Ganga Vilas Sewage and Water Treatment

According to the cruise director, there is a sewage treatment plant on this cruise so that no sewage flows into the Ganges, as well as a filtration plant that treats Ganges water for bathing and other purposes. is pure.

Purpose of MV Ganga Vilas Cruise

The visit will give opportunities to foreigners to embark on an experiential journey and indulge in the art, culture, history and spiritual heritage of India and Bangladesh. At the same time, it will promote tourism in India and Bangladesh and provide new employment opportunities.

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