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Jumping Rope: Benefits for health

Jumping Rope: The world now has recently increased its concern with Aerobics and fitness. However, even before the concept was developed to even perform in the health-conscious minds, Jumping Rope, commonly known to be Skipping Rope, was there amidst immense popularity in all the nooks and niches of the world as a game played by children, teenagers, and even adults for improving their athletic feats and vigor. The Jump Rope game was also previously played before gaining recognition as a primary health and fitness exercise by twirling two ropes known as the “Double Dutch”.

The basic techniques of the Jumping Rope

The basic techniques of the Jumping Rope both as a game and as an interactive involved physical workout are 1) Basic Jump, 2) Alternated Foot Jump, 3) Double under, 4) Criss-cross, and 5) Combination Jump. As a game for children, the Jumping Rope had been popular in the villages of Sussex, England, and also in Gaul during the prominence of the Roman Empire. The Skip Rope is still believed in the common folklore to be of the type first used by Judas Iscariot in hanging himself by the neck from a tree after betraying Lord Jesus to Pontius Pilate’s men.

The Jumping Rope as a game is practiced worldwide at competitive levels. The games include freestyle performances by individual performers and also group-based performances. Some of the countries participating in world-level Jumping Rope competitions are Great Britain, Hungary, the USA, India, Japan, and Australia. The fourth Asian Skipping Game Championship was held on 9th February 2007 in the Talkatora Indoor Stadium of New Delhi.

There are also jumpers who can demonstrate skill-based performances that are sometimes choreographed with rhythmic musical beats. The opera performances are also there that engage in Jumping the Rope in a host of spectacular performances worldwide.

Instruments used in Jumping Rope

Most of the Skip Ropes used nowadays are made up of Cloth, Plastic, Plastic coated wires, and even cables. The game of Jumping the Rope slowly evolved to be the premier health and fitness activity in indoor aerobics involving safe-to-use and weather-insensitive plastic molded cables. For such purposes, the Jumping Rope is fitted with a measuring device that digitally operates to record the total number of twirls encountered while undergoing the working out session. The times are such preset for the intermittent exercise sessions that each of the sessions will be guided by a commencing and an ending alarm. This is done to indulge in a time-simulated proper skipping game to aid in the developmental progressions observed in the various monitored stages of the workout. The Jump Rope as one of the important forms of Indoor Aerobic Exercise involves total cardiovascular fitness on a regulated basis.

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