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Top 10 things to Do in Argentina

Argentina Trip: Top 10 things to Do in Argentina: Argentina is an amazing place to visit.  The eighth-largest country in the world is full of variety and has something to offer everyone.  Don’t believe me?  Here are the top 10 things to do in Argentina!

Top 10 things to Do in Argentina

1. The wine

Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world.  Not only do they produce a lot, but it tastes good and is of great value.  If you love your wine, a visit to Mendoza is a must.  It’s surrounded by vineyards in close proximity to the city and it’s a lovely place to visit as well.  While having so many great wine options, it’s easy to overlook the beer.  Don’t do this!!  The best beer I have ever had was actually in Argentina – El Bolson chili beer!  Look out for it.

2. The food

The meat lovers among us will love Argentina.  Argentina’s reputation for awesome cheap beef is well deserved.  A great steak is very easy to find.  As is picada, a great big plate that you can order in many cafes, bars, and restaurants that is filled with big chunks of yummy meat and cheeses.

3. The people

The Argentineans are incredibly friendly and helpful, passionate and fun.  We never had problems with getting help when we needed it.  And did I mention the tango?  It is not hard to find tango dancing, and it is literally in the streets of Buenos Aires.

4. The wildlife

I have never been one for animal attractions, and I must admit, that I only visited one in Argentina.  So glad that I did though!  The Southern Right Whales off the coast of Puerto Madryn totally took my breath away. One of the most amazing sights I have ever seen, especially when these mammoth creatures breached right by our boat with their babies next to them.  Amazing!

5. Perito Moreno Glacier

I must confess I haven’t been to Perito Moreno Glacier.  However, it is one of the top reasons why I have to go back to Argentina! Every photo I have seen of this growing, moving glacier is stunning.

6. Salta

This city is in the North of Argentina, near the borders of Bolivia and Chile.  It may seem like a random addition to this list, but we fell in love with this city.  It is very different from the rest of Argentina and has a noticeable indigenous population.  It also has gorgeous weather during the wintertime and is a fabulous place to hang out, eat and pretend to be Argentinean.

7. The scenery

It is hard to beat the scenery in this varied country.  Down south you have the glaciers.  In the north, you have deserts as well as the spectacular Iguassu Falls.  To the East, there is the coastline and to the west, the Andes. One of the prettiest places I have been is Bariloche in the Argentinean Andes.  Set on a gorgeous lake with snow-capped mountains, it is just stunning.

8. Buenos Aires

Oh, how I love this city!!  The megacity of Buenos Aires truly has something for everyone.  The city center is stuffed full of history and shops, or you can visit one of the many colorful neighborhoods – literally in the case of La Boca, the home of soccer.  We also especially enjoyed the lovely Palermo and the tango center of San Telmo.  We were walking back to our room one night in San Telmo and literally stumbled upon a plaza filled with locals tango dancing – amazing.

9. The variety

If you haven’t worked it out already, Argentina has a lot of variety.  There are so many different cities and towns to visit with their own special features.  A variety of climates and landscapes – somewhere will always have great weather.  You can have glaciers, waterfalls, beaches, whales, a megacity, skiing, the list goes on.  Thankfully, there are top-rate luxurious buses to take you between all the interesting places.

10. It’s Cheap!

The best part is that you can have everything mentioned here for barely any money!!  Argentina has got to be one of the best value destinations in the world.  There is no reason your days can’t be filled with amazing scenery or city fun while your nights are filled with tango, steak, and wine while still keeping to a low budget.

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