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Top 10 Islands to visit in the Caribbean

There are so many Caribbean Islands that sometimes it’s hard to choose where to go on holiday. That’s why we have broken down what we consider to be the top 10 islands to visit in the Caribbean.

Top 10 Islands to visit in the Caribbean

We start our tour of the top 10 Caribbean Islands with probably the most well-known.

  1. Jamaica
  2. St Lucia
  3. Dominica
  4. Martinique
  5. Cuba
  6. Curacao
  7. Grenada
  8. Anguilla
  9. Saint Martin/Sint Maarten
  10. Trinidad and Tobago

1) Jamaica


Formally a British Territory, Jamaica gained its political independence in 1962. It is the birthplace of Bob Marley, Reggae and incredible food such as Jerk Chicken. Dunns River Falls is a must; stunningly beautiful with a height of 600 feet – climb it if you dare!

2) St Lucia

St Lucia

First settled by Arawak Indians around 200 A.D. St Lucia is a lush, green island that is dominated by the twin peaks of the Pitons – two dormant volcanic towers that rise out of the ocean. The capital Castries is charming and a visit to the market there is a must.

3) Dominica

In 1978 the island was granted its independence from Britain. It has a wonderful, eclectic mix of English, African and French, with a touch of Carib Indian thrown in for good measure. Carnival time is superb and the Creole music will get you dancing. A beautiful island that was used as the filming location for Pirates of the Caribbean.

4) Martinique

Martinique is still a part of France and a member of the European Union. The official language is French though locals are likely to address each other in Créole Martiniquais. Martinique is a foodie heaven, blending traditional French cuisine with the flavour and colour of the Caribbean.

5)  Cuba

Despite its history of dictatorship, Cuba has become the most amazing place to visit, with its Spanish colonial architecture and 1950s cars making it quite unique. The capital, Havana, is a vibrant city with an Afro-Latin culture and live salsa bars where you can dance the night away.

6) Curacao

This island has a mixed heritage, having passed from the Arawaks to the Spanish and finally Holland. With a history of slavery, many of the plantation houses have been restored and are well worth a visit, as is the Seaquarium right next to a perfect beach.

7) Grenada

Grenada, also known as Spice Island, was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498, although it was already inhabited by the Carib Indians. The Spice Factory is a must to visit as is the vibrant capital of St Georges’s.

8) Anguilla

A perfect jewel in the Caribbean crown – just 35 square miles, it packs in 30 beautiful white sand beaches. Still a British Overseas Territory, the inhabitants speak English although the currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. The capital, called The Valley, is as near to the authentic Caribbean as you can get.

9) Saint Martin/Sint Maarten

Now split between France and Holland, Saint Martin still maintains a French culture, whereas the Dutch side tends to be more American. With glorious beaches, over 300 restaurants and casinos and clubs that stay open until dawn, this is a great place to relax or party.

10) Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad is the larger of the two islands and both achieved independence from England in 1962. The capital, Port of Spain, is home to the Emperor Valley Zoo which is next to the Botanical Gardens, creating a wild and wonderful environment.

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