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Singapore Trip: Top 10 Tips for Visiting Singapore

Singapore Trip: Singapore is becoming one of the most visited tourist countries around the globe. Surprisingly, Singapore is also one of the most affordable travel destinations today.  The first-time traveller will surely not be disappointed if Singapore is his travel destination of choice. Thus, it’s best to keep the following Top 10 Tips for Visiting Singapore in mind.

Top 10 Tips for Singapore Trip

Here are the 10 tips for Singapore trip.

Take note of travel guides posted on the internet.

Why buy a guidebook when the information you need is readily available on the internet? The traveller should consult forums and guideposts on the internet to know the ins and outs of travelling the Lion City.

Be an early riser.

What’s a vacation without beer and booze?  However, the budget traveller should be wise in spending too much on booze. In Singapore, some bars offer Happy Hours before the evening time sets in. This is the best time to enjoy a bottle of Brewster.

Go on a gastronomical rampage.

Other than Singapore’s merlion, this historical city is also known for its exotic and cheap street food which is a gastronomical delight to all tourists and locals alike. So when visiting Singapore be sure to try their street food.

Travel through public transport.

The best way to enjoy Singapore is to travel by public transport. Public transportation is quick and economical. It will help the traveller save money for shopping and spending on other stuff.

Beware of scheming money changers.

Tourists are targets of schemes and ploys. Some money changers will post enticing signs like higher value in exchange for money; but when you count the money bills, it is less than the amount expected. It’s always advisable for the traveler to declare the amount demanded and count the bills before leaving the shop.

For spending purposes, travelers can use their AmEx stored value cards for purchases. Also, AmEx offers ExpressPay services where the card is not needed to be swiped and no PIN is entered. Using credit cards can become handy because the traveller won’t have to go through a money exchange.

Map out travel routes.

Safe travelling entails mapping out routes that are frequented by tourists. This way, the traveller will stay on safe roads and avoid getting lost.

Stay in budget-friendly accommodations.

Since Singapore is a tourist destination, many budget-friendly accommodations are offered within the city. Choose those that are affordable and safe. With access to the internet almost anywhere, there is no reason why everyone cannot save on accommodations while travelling abroad. Several search engines allow you to pick the best areas and search by certain criteria to find what best fits you and your family. Search online to find cheap hotels in Singapore near the more urban areas to have easy access to great attractions.

Be wary of hopping on that trishaws.

Some trishaw drivers are scheming and will over-charge you for their service. Best to pre-declare the charge before hopping on that trishaw.

Don’t lure by the “sale” sign.

Even if Singapore is the electronics Mecca of Asia, beware of schemes involving the sale of gadgets or other stuff. Compare prices first before going on a shopping spree.

Keep your cool.

Never get into an argument with a local. Be level-minded and avoid situations that could lead to a heated argument.

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