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Best Tips For Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup: Good skin is the most important requirement to have perfect makeup. Makeup can boost your confidence. It also brings a feel-good factor to the person concerned. To do perfect makeup is an art. Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day because it is one of the most important occasions of a person’s life. For a young girl or woman marriage is one of the prominent events of her life. Bridal makeup should be done in such as way that it makes the bride more beautiful. It should not be overdone and must be sober.

To maintain good skin you need to avoid spicy and junk food. You can also try and avoid red meat. It is also advisable to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Tips For Bridal Makeup

Before beginning the makeup, you need to wash your face first with a light face wash. Then dab it dry with a towel. You can then apply a little moisturizer on your face. It will smoothen your skin.

Apply Concealer

Then select a concealer and apply it around your eye and nose or on those portions of the face which have dark spots. Concealers are primarily used to hide blemishes. You need to blend the concealer well. The shade of the concealer needs to be a shade lighter than your skin tone but it is not at all recommended to choose the color white.

Choose the right foundation for bridal makeup

Then the next step will be to choose the right foundation. Matte foundation suits Indian skin best. It helps to give your skin a natural look. Apply the foundation evenly on the face. You need to apply proper makeup on your forehead, nose, and chin. Otherwise, it will look out of place.

Apply translucent powder for smooth effect

Then apply a translucent powder on the face to bring a smooth effect on it. If you have a combination skin type, select water based foundation and dry sponge. You need to take equal measures while applying makeup on your neck.

You can use special waterproof makeup for a monsoon wedding.

Eye Makeup

Eye make is one of the most important parts of bridal makeup. If you want a perfect eye shape, then you can use a medium tone. You need to use a small brush and blend well the medium-tone color from just below the eyebrow arch in a semi-circular manner. If you have a fair complexion then you may choose a pink or peach color eye shadow.

If your skin tone is a bit dark, apply brown eye shadow. Eye shadow gives the eye a soft look. You can also use white makeup to lift the eye. Glitter-based eye shadow can also be applied on the eyelids. Then apply a thin line of eyeliner to define the eyes. To make your eyelashes voluminous, apply black mascara. It will highlight your eyelashes. You can also apply a brown eyebrow pencil to give your face a detailed look.

Lip liner for perfect bridal makeup

For perfect bridal makeup, you need to choose a lip liner that will blend perfectly with your lipstick. Use good quality lipstick which will stay for a long time. The color of the lipstick needs to be in coordination with your wedding attire. You can use light shades for thin and small lips. Dark shades are recommended for fuller lips.

You need to place the focus of the place either on the lip or on the eye. Underplay the other one with brown or neutral shades.

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