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Healthy Foot Care Routine: How can care foot

Healthy Foot Care Routine: A healthy foot care routine should be followed regularly. The feet are the most neglected part of our body but it is important to take care of them. Like face and hands, too foot care has many stages. With neglect, feet become rough with cracked heels and broken nails. This gives feet a very dirty look and moreover, feet odor too makes it unhygienic. A healthy foot care routine can be followed at home or professional help too can be sought. Beauty salons offer many foot care solutions and treatments. To get foot care information, it is always better to consult experts and then continue with the care procedures.

You can pamper your feet by simply taking care of them by cleaning the feet properly with water every day and at times soaking feet in lukewarm soapy water. After some time, rub with a pumice stone at the heel to get rid of the dead cells. Wipe feet with a towel and then moisturize them with creams. This will help in reducing cracks.

How can care for cracks in feet?

Those who have cracks should use creams that are available in order to reduce the cracks. Cracks are formed due to the drying up of the skin. Lack of moisturizing leads to such drying up. A healthy foot care routine involves many other steps. It should always be kept in mind as a foot care tip, that while applying cream on the feet, the space between the toes should be left dry as there is a constant accumulation of moisture between them. It should be kept in mind that the space between toes should be kept dry as there is the formation of bacteria on the foot. While applying oils or creams on the foot, it should be done in the form of massaging in order to have more blood circulation.

Foot Exercise

Foot exercises are very essential part of a healthy foot care routine. Foot exercises help in relieving pressure and stress on the body and mind. There are many foot exercises that can be done at home and the workplace to relieve stress. They are very easy ones but should be done regularly. One of the most common foot exercises is stretching. Stretching is done by pointing the toes till you can and then gradually rotating the ankle clockwise and anti-clockwise. More foot exercises can be done after consultation with the experts. A healthy foot care routine also helps in cutting down stress and relieves the tiredness of the body.

For a healthy foot care routine, it is always better to use homemade foot scrubs. Homemade foot scrubs can be made from ingredients found at home. Scrubs can be made with the help of ingredients like sea salt, lime, mint leaves, oils, and sugar. Many brands manufacture natural foot care products that are made from natural ingredients and hence do not have many artificial elements in them. To relieve tired and swollen feet, one should follow healthy foot care routines. Feet take the entire weight of the body and so it is very essential to keep them well cared for. The nails should be properly trimmed with all the dirt removed from the cuticles. Then nail polish should be applied in order to keep the nails well protected from everyday wear and tear.

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