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Makeup Tutorial: How To Choose The Right Type

Makeup Tutorial: Makeup is very important in order to appear well groomed and at the same time an important aspect of fashion. Makeup is used by both men and women. The earliest form of makeup was kajal or kohl which was applied on the eyes to make them look more expressive and also to accentuate them. There were perfumes and other items used by both sexes to look good. Gradually there came many types of other products like lipsticks, mascara, blusher, foundation, compact powder, lip gloss, and another host of items. All the cosmetic products applied in proper coordination and amount completely transform a person. There are various kinds of makeup that go with various occasions.

Types of Makeup

Makeup should be done keeping in mind the time and occasion. The types of makeup are day makeup, daily makeup, bridal makeup, complete makeup, evening makeup, party makeup, teenage makeup, beach makeup, and much more occasion-based makeup.

Makeup artists are the best person to give tips on how to apply makeup. Moreover, makeup artists are very much in demand in the fashion and film fraternity. They are the best judges of what would look good and suit a person. Applying blush, applying concealer, applying eyeliner, applying eyeshadow, applying foundation, applying lip color, applying lip gloss, applying mascara, and applying nail polish requires an understanding of the amount to be used and the method to put it. Moreover, the stages of applying them too need to be known. There are different stages to applying makeup and each should be put in proper order.

Chose the makeup in body parts

Choosing concealers, choosing eyeliner, choosing eye shadows, choosing lip colors, and choosing lip gloss needs proper judgment and understanding of one’s skin type. There are many brands of cosmetics available in the market. The one that suits the skin best should be chosen for application. It is also advisable that one should select the colors that would best go with one’s skin tone. The skin tone of a person also decides the type of makeup one should apply. Cleansing and moisturizing the face is the basic step of makeup. It is very important to keep the face well cared for. With the basic step followed, when the makeup is put it looks good. Even in all types of cosmetics, there are variations. There are many types of mascara, foundation, and blush. They are in different colors and brands.

Benefits of makeup

Makeup for older women is subdued with not much dramatic effect as it does not go with age. Most of the colors of the makeup are neutral colors for older women, especially eye makeup. To bring in more color, the lipstick is not of neutral color. The best lipstick tip is that the lips should be well moisturized and should not be bleeding. The outline of the lips should be marked with a lip liner and then blended with the same color of lipstick. The lipstick and lip liner should be of the same color and at the same time blend well. To apply makeup in five minutes, one should first use moisturizer and then the foundation should be applied. One should apply the concealer if required before applying the foundation and then blend well. Then comes blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. In the end, the lipstick should be applied. Moreover, on the oily places of the face, the compact powder should be applied.

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