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Seasonal Make Up

Seasonal Make Up: Taking care of skin, hair and health and giving them style and look have become a serious concern for both men and women. Makeup is done to enhance your features and look beautiful. While opting for makeup one must take care of the type of skin and skin texture. Not only this makeup has to be done according to the season. Each season has its unique type of makeup and style. Climate and weather condition also determines the type of makeup to be done. Winter makeup cannot be done during the summer season as winter makeup may be difficult to manage during summer. Similarly, summer makeup can look colorless during the winter season. Seasonal makeup definitely needs certain tips.

Types of skin for makeup

Seasonal makeup has to be done according to the skin type. Normal skin is said to be the best skin as it helps to keep the worry out like dry skin, cracked lips, etc. If you have dry lips or cracked lips use a soft bristle toothbrush and petroleum jelly to remove the dead skin from the lips. After doing that apply vitamin E oil which will make your lip look soft and supple. Once this is done one can apply lipstick.

Summer makeup

Summer makeup is an integral part of seasonal makeup. Most people suffer from acne problems during the summer season. If taken necessary care one can get rid of their problem. Before applying any makeup on your skin try to remove all dead cells from your skin. The best remedy is Mix a spoon of sea salt in warm water and use the mixture to clean the area. Another remedy is to put thin slices of lemon in warm water and apply it on your skin which is a wonderful aroma and will also remove the dead skin. Seasonal makeup is incomplete without maintaining proper hair. This one can get many hair products in the market which will make your hair look lustrous. During monsoons, one must take special care while applying dense makeup as it has the risk of being washed out. So during monsoon light makeup is preferred. Try to use waterproof makeup like waterproof mascara and lipstick. This will make your monsoon makeup look good.

Winter makeup

Winter makeup needs special care as during winter skin becomes dry. Try to apply makeup products with moisturizer in them. Try to apply velvet shades on your lips to give a glossy look. The moisturizer you are applying during the winter season must have a sun protection agent to block the UV. For winter makeup one can get various beauty products meant only for winter. Not many people know what to apply in what season. Seasonal makeup will make you look good and beautiful according to the season. Summer is the time when skin becomes tan. Excessive makeup during the summer season can make you look dark and colorless. One important thing to note is that the summer makeup kit must-have moisturizer which blocks the UV rays. Try to avoid lip liners during the summer season.

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