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Why Job Switch is needed for a Working Individual?

Leaving a job can be one of the most confusing & stressful occasions in your professional life. One may have to spent years working for an organization and becoming an integrated part of its whole culture.  From your routines, to habits and minor daily rituals; all of these don’t carry when you start a new job. Leaving behind a familiar environment can be frightening for even the most determined employees. 

However, some situations make it quite mandatory for a career-minded person to switch jobs. One might find his/her career at a dead end in the current office, or might soon realize their full potential in another post. In extreme cases, you might have to leave a job for the sake of your safety and emotional well-being. Here are certain prime reasons why people swap jobs. 

Reasons Why People Decide to Change Job

Making a career change- both the decision as well as the process for searching a new career is a very important life choice. Let us pour some light on why people develop the thought of job switch at various points in their career. 

Wrong Career since the Start

Most people get pushed or are dropped into a career path. In usual cases, parent or family member convince a candidate into a particular career, or the child wishes to be like the parent. Moreover, in other cases, the factor of economic necessity or other reasons act as a prime force to drop an individual into a career only for living an earning. In all the mentioned cases, the person soon realizes that the work he is performing is not fulfilling, and that the career is not suitable for him/her. Now, starts the phase of finding a new career. 

Career Interests

Most people start in a career they like/love; however, somewhere down the line as they mature as adults, they realize that the work they are into does not interest them much. This is the moment where such candidates seek new career challenges. Moreover, these are the cases when sometimes an outside interest or a hobby makes the person realize that his/her passion rests differently from the current career.

Increased Earning Power 

  • It is important to understand that, the same job in different industries can offer significantly different amounts. One needs to be familiar about these disparities so that this factor can be utilized as a valid reason for changing his/her job.
  • One may find that a larger employer can offer more steady pay to its sales force as compared to a smaller competitor. In situations like these, employees in similar positions at different companies may experience vastly different pay scales as well as growth opportunities. 
  • Moreover, your job skills may prove much more valuable in one industry than another. For example: A marketing director for a small nonprofit may make significantly less in comparison to a marketing director based at an industrial manufacturer. Staying aware of what your counterparts from other industries make can warn you about these disparities. The difference in pay or opportunity might prove enough to justify a switch in job which can help you move further to achieve satisfaction and various professional goals.

Lesser Challenging Environment at Current Workplace

You might have heard from friends and family members about wanting a cushy job where the work is easy and slow-paced with no significant challenges. However, the reality of the work environment is completely different. A job can be too easy, with harmful consequences for your happiness and career development. According to some sources, the perfect job involves outside-your-comfort-zone and truly challenging work around 20 percent of the time. This figure is quite enough to keep you on your toes, without keeping you overwhelmed and away from a burnout due to stress.

Job Focusing on Your Weaknesses

  • There are possible chances that you started your current job under the impression that it would allow you to polish your unique strengths to perform fulfilling work. However, after starting work and learning the depths of your profession, you realized that your strengths are coming into use and isn’t falling in line with who you are. 
  • If you are working at a position that plays more to your weaknesses apart from your strengths, then be honest with your boss. Offer a precise explanation that the job doesn’t capitalize on your strengths and you think it’s best to seek an opportunity that better utilizes what you do well. Giving your boss the chance to help you before you quit will ensure that you’re respected and valued as a professional in case you ever wish to come back to your boss for any sort of reference.

Better Offer 

  • Professionals who are excellent at their jobs always get noticed. Various companies want to employ the best from a particular field, and where better to spot the best in the business than amongst a competitor’s upper ranks? If you are perfect at work and skilled enough in networking within your industry, there rests a good chance that you’ll be considered by competitors.
  • Suppose you are approached with a better offer, do not be afraid to place intense questions about the company’s business as well as the working environment. Remember that you’re the one currently holding the power. You can also reject the offer and remain intact at your current position as per your will.
  • Candidates should acknowledge the fact that, a good outside offer may drop you in a position to question more from your current employer. It’s common practice to give your present employer an opportunity to counter-offer and keep you on board. If you are good at negotiations, then you could end up acquiring a significant raise, benefits or promotion without having to switch jobs. In the other case, if your current employer declines to negotiate, then you should take that as an indication to swap in a new job.

Final Say

Hopefully, this does relieve you from all the queries and the stress related to job switch.



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