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8 Factors that Make a Successful Business Plan

Starting your own business and making it successful is one of the most difficult things to pursue, only 10% of the companies succeed. Success in business cannot be achieved overnight, it requires a lot of patience, efforts, money as well as time. To understand what goes in making a business successful, here are 8 quick factors responsible to succeed in making a business work through an effective plan.

1. Create an effective plan

It’s necessary to have a strategy and a strong plan in order to succeed in your business. Creating a plan will help you understand your business and customer preferences more effectively. When writing a business plan, you must include each and every detail of your item along with its prices for obtaining customers and it’s marketing. In this plan, you should keep the record of utility cost, sales leads and labour time as well. You also need to calculate your expense and profit in order to determine your break even point. One has to make changes in staff and prices if break even point is higher due low profits.

2. Analyze customer needs and wants

Customer needs and wants should be your first priority in a business. A business is only successful when it satisfies its customer’s needs and requirements. Figuring out a revenue model will enable you to allocate money effectively. Analyze your customer and also your product from their perspective to understand their likes and dislikes as well as the area of improvement.  Determine your customer base and plan accordingly to make your approach work.  This will help you to attract large number of customers that prefer unique, cost effective and reliable products.

3. Be aware of the latest trends

With new trends getting popular every other day, it’s important for entrepreneurs to stay in touch with the trends so that the business can attract a wide range of consumers, mostly youngsters as they are most active and can be easily influenced. You can organize events at local colleges and discuss with students about their likes and preferences. For example, social networking sites have captured huge market that can connect with each other easily as well as quickly. You can use this social networking sites to promote your product or idea as it is cost effective and has a reach of up to millions of people with little effort. Reading newspaper or article related to your field every day will educate you and help you learn about upcoming and current trends.

4. Set the vision and mission of the company

Don’t misunderstand mission and vision as the same term. Vision is where you intend to reach in the coming years whereas mission is what to do next to reach your destination. Mission and vision of the company helps you stay focused on the goals and work accordingly. You must also set certain important principle of the company with the help of which the company will stay organized and dedicated. If you come across situations where you have to compromise small things for the betterment of the company, then do it but never compromise on big things like principles or core values as they are pillars of your brand.

5. Watch out for competitors

Due to wide range of products available in the market by various companies, there is significant rise in competition in the market. Each and every company is looking forward to attract and protect huge customer base with their products and services. To stay in competition, you need to research about your competitors and the products they offer. You should be open enough to learn from them about their pricing strategies, uniqueness in the product as well as the marketing methods. Don’t try to ape them, just analyze the positive points, add your innovation to it and formulate your plan. It will be useful to you to figure out unique selling points of your products and features that sets your products or services out in the market.

6. Be innovative

Innovation is the key to developing a successful business. It’s a ladder with the help of which you can climb the steps of success. Let’s consider an example of Tata Nano. Tata introduced Nano, the cheapest car in the Indian market and probably the whole world. It was a surprise as the company is known for its luxurious cars but with Nano they wanted to target consumers with low income who wished to buy a car but couldn’t afford one due to lack of money. With the purpose to let everyone enjoy the ride in their own car, Nano was introduced in the market.  Innovation will help to get your products recognized and stay in trend in the competitive market.

7. Select the right candidates for the job

Your progress largely depends on the employees working for your company. Selecting a right candidate for the job proves to be helpful in the growth of the company. When looking for a candidate, see to it that he/she has enough capability to tackle difficult situations with grace and smartness, previous achievements, and also academic excellence to a certain extent. They should be committed and loyal to the job. Remember, an employee represents the company and selecting a bad employee can put the reputation of your company at stake.

8. Advertise your product effectively

Advertising is the base of all the efforts you put in the business. Without proper advertising, your business won’t stay in the market for a long time. Currently the social media is on boom and many companies prefer to post advertising about their products and services on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram as it attracts huge customer base within seconds. You can also try traditional methods of marketing like advertising in newspaper, radio, television etc.

Final Say

All these methods and tips are worth your time and doing these can ensure you a successful business. Ofcourse, there are many other things that play a role in a business’s success but you must always focus in these factors to make your odds better.



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