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8 Tips for Job Interview Manners to Impress Employers

While we all feel exponentially nervous and quizzed about the right ways to crack an interview, we almost always miss out on grooming ourselves so that we can present us in an impressive way to the interviewing panel. It might have gone unnoticed form your view but there are several subtle yet substantial signs and traits that we carry on us right when we enter through the door to the interview room. What we don’t realise is that in the very first few seconds, these traits give off a lot about us than we can even think of. 

So, while you try to give your best shot at preparing for an interview, also take of these few interview manners that can really help you ace that dream admission. 

Top Interview Mannerisms

Top interview mannerisms to follow if you wish to ace that interview:

Remember that even the most professional people need to brush up their personality with these tips before they cross the threshold of the interview room. These are not sure shot techniques that guarantee success in an interview but certainly some essential pointers that remind you of the subtle signs that can impress your interviewing panel. 

1. Go well rehearsed 

Firstly, when you are going for a job interview or an academic interview, you must know that there are several questions that are repeatedly asked by the panel from many students over the past years. Questions such as, ‘Why should you be admitted to this university’, ‘How do you believe this university can contribute towards your aim’ etc. are bound to come up and it is always better to have an insightful answer to such questions as these are very basic. Don’t let them catch you off guard at such simple questions. These are the few questions where you should appear to be at par with your confidence meter.

2. Always go with a research

At the very basic, you need to be equipped with the basic knowledge about the university or college to which you seek admission. Being aware of the current affairs at that university or its past and quipping them in between while you make conversation with the panel, is the most authentic way of conveying that you did your home work before coming to the interview. It leaves a very good impression on the panel.

3. Work on your body language

Believe it or not, the way you walk and sit, speaks more than the words that escape your mouth. You need to work on everything from your posture to your walking stance, the movement of your limbs, the placements of your limbs and more. The aim is to express a calm and confident stance to the interviewing panel. In no way, they should come to deduce that you are extremely nervous and unsure about the situation. This becomes more relevant at the time when you are answering a question, whose answer you do not know. 

4. Dress aptly

Another genuine way to impress the panel is by expressing that you understand the relevance of an interview, which you can do quite conveniently through your dressing. It is very important to dress up impeccably, lest any one of your clothing patterns should reveal that you are not a well groomed person. Take cues from seniors or dressing manuals and learn exactly what suits best for an interview. Here, we are not only talking about your clothes but also your perfume, jewellery and accessories.

5. Learn to give a proper handshake

The professional way to make and complete a handshake is by offering your complete hand. While you should avoid to make an over bearing grip or too little touch, a firm hand shake indicates confidence. Ideally, the area between your thumb and fore finger should come in contact with the other person’s, only after which a hand shake is said to be complete. It is best to practice a hand shake with a friend beforehand.

6. Express emotions through a smile

Having a stone fixed face expression can turn out to be very rude and may make your interviewer feel uncomfortable himself. Even if it doesn’t come naturally, fake a smile to expose your calm and natural state of mind, in spite of the pressure. An interview is not a war and should not be made to look like one either. This also helps the other person in getting along with you easily.

7. Take that glass of water

While at an interview, do not give any negative vibes to your interviewer. For this reason, if you are offered a glass of water, always accept even if you aren’t thirsty. As a prop, that glass of water can also come to help you in a tricky situation on the pretext of sipping the water.

8. Take comfort in asking questions yourself

Do not make your interview a one way street, simply by allowing your panel to ask questions from you. Being seated at the opposite end also places you in a position where you can ask questions from the panel. You could do so on the pretext of willing to know more about the university or the protocols that run the place. You may also quip in by asking some non-interview related questions, though, always keep them limited. 

Final Say

By taking these tiny little steps towards grooming your personality, you can actually put your best leg forward and prove to your interview panel that you are certainly worth having. These tips are some of the most common yet somehow underrated and overlooked aspects that one works upon before his interview. If you can ace at these small aspects of your personality, there are a good number of chances that you will be at the top of the selection list. 

So, always remember to be confident and calm before you step inside a room with your interviewing panel, while also working at these little aspects to get your well deserved admission.



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