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Top 10 Things to Do in Taba, Egypt

Red Sea Water World

As the only 5* water sports centre in Taba, there is something for every diver and water sports enthusiast from beginners to experts.

Above the water, thrill-seekers can enjoy wakeboarding, kitesurfing, parasailing and waterskiing, whereas below the waterline divers can go snorkelling and shore or boat diving.

Castle Zaman

If food, history and culture as your thing, Castle Zaman is an absolute must-visit. Situated deep within the castle grounds, you will find a tasty variety of slow-roasted meats, fish and vegetable dishes cooked to perfection in earthen pots for up to 3 hours.

But there’s so much to explore whilst waiting for your grub. Take a dip in the pool, explore the underground treasure room, indulge in a relaxing massage or enjoy a fresh cocktail; it’s up to you!

Coloured Canyon

If you fancy feasting your eyes on one of Taba’s wonders of nature, head to the Coloured Canyon and you won’t be disappointed.

Formed by the meeting of tectonic plates, the colours present a magnificent array of striped colours which becomes even more visible in the changing sunlight.

This tour takes visitors right to the bottom of the canyon so you can look up at the beautiful canyon walls; be sure to keep a lookout for fossils and footprints of ancient sea creatures too!

Canyon Motor Safaris

Get on your bike and explore the stunning mountains of Taba – a quad bike that is!

The region boasts some of the most spectacular views in the whole of Egypt and twisting, turning and exploring the scenery on a quad bike is the best way to see it. If heights aren’t your thing, companies such as Taba Quads offer more easy-going yet breath-taking rides.

Salah El-Din Castle

The castle of Salah El-Din was built by the first Sultan of Egypt in 1170 AD.

Today is it a popular attraction for history fanatics and is in practically pristine condition which is amazing for its age.

It is located in the Egyptian mountains but the majority of tour excursions access the castle via boat. For an extra-special treat, take a trip on the Sunset Ride as you will see hundreds of fish and an abundance of colourful corals.

However, if you do decide to join the morning or afternoon tour groups make sure you take your swimwear as the water is crystal-clear and prime for taking a dip.


Get a glimpse of the underwater world without getting your hair wet by hopping aboard the SeaScape on a submarine adventure!

On the 90 minute undersea cruises, you will meet multi-coloured fish and wonderful corals so don’t forget your camera.

Petra Boat Trip

As Taba borders Jordan, it’s always worth popping over to the neighbour country to see the local sights.

From the boat, you will see the ghost-town of Petra which was once considered a fortress and a home of the Edomites. Remarkably, the monuments and buildings still look incredible despite being deserted for over 1000 years.

Taba Museum

Taba Museum plays home to around 700 exquisite antiques which give visitors a glimpse into the lives of the South Sinai people from the Pheronic era until modern times.

Mount Sinai

Biblically regarded as the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God, Mount Sinai is steeped in mystery and is accessible by both feet (3750 steps to be precise) or via camel.

The “Steps of Penitence” have been carved out of the mountainside by monks – strong thighs required but the views at the top are spectacular!

Camel Ride

When you visit Egypt, you must take a ride on the aptly-named “Ship of the Desert”.

Despite their snooty and nonchalant expression, camels make excellent travel companions and are the perfect method of transport for exploring the dunes, bedouins and endless sands of Taba.

During your camel excursion, you will make a pit stop and enjoy a few sips of real Bedouin tea before returning to your resort.

Getting to Taba from anywhere in the world is really easy and the resort makes a welcome change from the busy, tourist-infused cities such as Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh. The best time to visit is from May to October and travel companies such as Very Cheap Holidays offer great Taba holidays rates during these months. If you’re visiting out of season you’ll find most days are too hot to handle!

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