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Food Pyramid: Healthy Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid: The United States Department of Agriculture has created a guide for nutrition that is formally known as the food guide pyramid. Published in 1992, this pyramid shows how much of each category of food should be consumed by an individual daily. The food guide pyramid replaced the classification of food groups. In 2005, the United States Department of Agriculture, or USDA released a new successor of the food pyramid known as MyPyramid.

A food pyramid arranges the food starting from the high-calorie food at the top to the low-calorie food at the base. The ideal food pyramid differs from person to person. There are different food pyramids for different people. The food pyramid for a diabetic patient will surely vary from the food pyramid of a heart patient and that goes the same for a pregnant woman and a normal person. In today’s world, the demand for food pyramids is gradually increasing, particularly in the corporate and software section where people could not follow a healthy routine due to their hectic work schedule. This lack of a fixed routine has enhanced the demands of food pyramids.

With the recent emphasis on weight control, the demand for the food pyramid has also increased. There has also been a recent change in the view that is responsible for the popularity of the food pyramid. Earlier, it was believed that excess fat is detrimental to health, but now the beliefs have changed. You can get every guideline required for a healthy living if you refer to some magazines and websites. You have to know about the right food habits so that you can stay healthy.

It is essential that you maintain a good diet along with an exercise schedule. If you are not aware of an ideal food pyramid then you can consult a doctor or more so a dietician or a nutritionist. They will be able to assist you in creating a diet chart that is ideal for you. They will be able to maintain a proper food routine based on a food pyramid for you so that they can stay healthy and fit.

Food Pyramid for kids

For the health of the children, it is important that they eat according to the food pyramid which is cut out for them. The five major food groups are emphasized in a food pyramid. Food that contains a lot of sweets and oil should be avoided and not consumed.

Encourage your child to have a variety of food items. Encourage your child to eat as well as engage himself/herself in physical activity. One should maintain a diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Sugar intake should be in moderation. Enough calcium and iron are to be given to the child so that the entire bodily requirement for growth and development is met.

If you are buying desserts and snacks then ensure soft drinks and ice cream which are low-calorie and low-fat meals. Your child should be given at least 6 servings of cereals, three servings of vegetables, or 2 servings of fruits. You should also give two servings of dairy products or meat. Lastly, sugary-based food which is mostly desserts should be eaten in one serving or even less preferably.

Food Pyramid for Vegetarians

Food Pyramid for Vegetarians is specially made and built to serve all vegetarians. A well-maintained food pyramid can benefit vegans aptly by compensating for all the proteins and nutrition. If you are a strict vegetarian then it is important that you eat well. As vegetarians eat a strict vegetable and plant-based diet protein nourishment often is lacking in their bodies.

Food that has high cholesterol content should be avoided by vegetarians. A food pyramid for vegetarians ideally consists of vegetables, fats, oils, sweets, and salt. Other food items include low-calorie food which fresh cheese, yogurt, and milk. Vegetarians should have nuts, legumes, seeds, and other alternatives for proper nourishment. Various fruits are also to be included in the diet and different kinds of cereals are to be included too. Bread, pasta, and rice are also to be added to the food pyramid.

Food Pyramid for Diabetics

The food Pyramid for Diabetics can be divided into six groups. The measurement can be different according to each person’s food requirements. One is supposed to have more vegetables, grains, and starchy vegetables. If you are a diabetic you have to be very careful. They should eat less sugar and fat. As a diabetic one can have a minimum of 1600 calories 28000 calories.

You should divide the calorie intake in each meal so that you don’t consume in one go. You should eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Fruits like mangoes should be avoided as it has a high content of sugar in it. Candy and cakes should be strictly avoided. You can have meat or an alternative to that but it should be consumed according to bodily needs. Red meat should be avoided. Alcoholic drinks are to be avoided too.

Food Groups in a Food Pyramid

The essential food groups in a food pyramid are essential and important as they constitute the pyramid. There are various types of food groups that are placed in a hierarchical form. The first food group is the bread, rice, and pasta group or more appropriately we can say it is the cereal group. Whole grains are available in rice, corn tortillas, and oatmeal. This provides starch to the body. Another major group in the food pyramid is the vegetable group which is very important as it contains a lot of nutrients and minerals. A lot of green vegetables should be included in the diet and consumed as they can be very beneficial. 3-5 servings of vegetables are essential to be included in the diet. Fruits form another group in the food pyramid. Fruits like apples, plums, and berries should also be consumed for better health. Milk, Yogurt, and cheese are to be added to your food pyramid too. These food items provide calcium in your diet ensuring a healthy and rich diet.

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