Asthma: Among the allergies and diseases that pose serious threats to the people of the modern world of decay and pollution, one of the most troublesome chronic diseases is asthma. The airway in the respiratory system gets constricted, and then, becomes inflamed. For certain reasons. As a result, in most cases, excessive amounts of mucus gather in the respiratory system. These hazards may also be caused or accelerated by certain stimulants present in the environment. Different kinds of air like cold air, warm air, dusty areas, and a humid atmosphere can add to the troubles that cause asthma. Even excess mental strength can cause asthma.

Cause of Asthma

Asthma can be caused by any of the events including excessive physical exercise resulting in tremendous physical exhaustion, coughing, stridor, wheezing, dyspnea and many others.

If the disease is not detected in the early phase, it takes much trouble to get a cure. If detected in the earlier phases it can be cured easily. There are certain symptoms of asthma, noticing which you can be able. At least, to guess that there might be some possibility of asthma. Prolonged expiration, rapid breathing, and even, frequent wheezing and some uncanny sounds from the lungs may indicate asthma. The suspected patient may have breathing trouble, either light or tremendous. The presence of a paradoxical pulse also indicates asthma of a serious kind.

If the body of the patient turns blue and suffers from a terrible suffocation of breath, the most probable indication is that he has got attacked by serious asthma. He may even have chest pain and even may fall unconscious.

So far as the treatment for asthma is concerned, the detection of the asthma-causing element or environment has to make. The earlier it is made, the better for the patient. If the patient happens to be a smoker, he must be made to give up smoking instantly for, each breath of smoke is fatal for him or her. Passive smoking for the patient is even more fatal. A proper change in the environment in which he lives can make be of great and steady benefit.

Asthma is recently found to have attacked even young boys and girls. There are various kinds of inhalers that are often prescribed by doctors and are easily available in the market and can be used to get rid of instant trouble. The asthma spacer is also used at times, but it is for those who are not able to hold their breath for even ten seconds.

Following the proverb, ‘prevention is better than cure’, doctors have invented measures by dint of which asthma can be prevented. Inhaled glucocorticoids and inhaled corticosteroids are the most used medication for preventing asthma. Mast cell stabilizers are also used in many cases. The basic target of the prevention medication happens to be suppressing the inflammation of the airways of the respiratory system.

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Jay Prakash
Jay Prakash
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