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Allergies and Diseases

Allergies and Diseases are the principal factors that get in the way of your possessing excellent health and beauty. With the progress of civilization, technology and science at a rapid speed, the world is getting saturated with huge numbers and varieties of diseases. The more the world is advancing toward civilization, the more diseases are breaking out.

Some allergies and diseases are very common. There are very few people in the world who have not suffered from any of the huge numbers of allergies and diseases. There are cures for almost all of these diseases and allergies. If they are detected in the preliminary phases, the cure is not a problem at all. If the detection is delayed, the disease or the allergy may become serious, however trivial they may be in nature. Let us have an overview of some of the most common allergies and diseases.

Caused by Allergies and Diseases

Summer hay fever is a typical kind of allergy that is caused by breathing the pollen particles in. this kind of allergy can also be caused if the pollen particles anyhow get into the eyes. The common symptoms of this allergy are repeated sneezing, nose itching, eye itching, throat, and ear itching. The person attacked by Summer hay fever will generally feel unwell, though not suffering from any serious disease.

Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction that is caused not only to human beings but also to other animals. This allergy is caused by a triggered substance, the ‘allergen’. A very little amount of allergen can put a threat to life. It is generally caused by inhalation or injection of an allergen. It may also be caused if the skin comes in contact with the allergen. An itching sensation coupled with a vomiting tendency is a common symptom of Anaphylaxis. Abdominal pain and diarrhea also are sometimes observed.

Venom allergies are caused to a human being if he or she is stung by a wasp or a honeybee. The common symbols are localized pain and swelling. The pain is again accompanied by an itching sensation. Venom allergies can have a delayed reaction. If the allergy is a mild one, it needs almost no medication. Resuscitation with adrenaline by injection is thought to be the best treatment for Venom allergies.

Drug allergy is something that a person suffers from if he happens to undergo some medication, and the medication does not quite suit him or her. Drug allergy can be detected in a very straightforward way. The doctor who is treating the patient should get it checked the blood test report if the medicines that are being prescribed by him, would suit the patient or cause some allergy. This allergy can easily be avoided.

There are some other allergies and diseases that are very common in the present world. Some of these diseases are Asthma, Adverse food reactions, Urticaria, Eczemas and Jaundice.

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