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11 Smart Methods to Lead a Stress-Free Job

Do you ever take a short pause in your busy schedule and ponder if you really like the job you are doing? After giving it a serious thought, you might realize that it’s not about the work but the stressful environment which surrounds. All the complaints and grumbling that you have in your job could possibly be due to your working style or lifestyle trends. Moreover, when you are at work you might really cherish your job; however, the unorganized work style or the travelling conditions could be making your job very stressful for you. Here are some few simple lifestyle changes which can help you manage workplace related stress and assist you in keeping a calm head. 

1. The Snowball Effect

The snow ball effect kick starts with everyone stressing out regarding losing their job. This is the moment when all the negative talk spills out with people bashing each other. Later, surrounds the stress which makes a negative zone and impossible working conditions. Almost everyone is fighting to hold on to a job now days, no matter how dreadful it becomes. Many people do not have a choice, but if you have a choice, then move out now. If not, then adapt how to deal with the situation and go all stress free, as your health depends on it.

2. Analyze the Situation

Firstly, the single way is to not drop into the claws of negativity. When everyone else is shouting, it is real easy to be involved and fire back, but when you do this, you are also becoming a part of the problem. Learn to step back, take a deep breath and analyze the situation. Ask yourself, what will it really accomplish? After thinking about similar questions, it may control things from getting out of holds. It is important to know that more negativity that is spilled around, the situation will grow worse accordingly. If you are not a part, then prefer staying out of it. However, if it does involve you, then try and seek the positive side of the issue and mend it in a sensible manner.

3. Breaks Are Needed

One needs to take breaks whenever it is possible. Go outside and access some fresh air. When you sense negativity in a work zone, it can surely take a dig on your health. Moreover, if you find your company requires more hours out of you, then take breaks accordingly in order to curb the stress. Utilize your lunch hour for relaxing your mind & body. 

4. Remain Focused

Individuals should always stay away from politics at workplace. Stay focused on your task, and do not get caught up in matters which everyone else is discussing about. Your primary goal should be to manage your work and do not let anyone hamper your efforts. If you feel that you just cannot deal with a negative working environment, then start searching for a job elsewhere. 

5. Other Alternatives

There are a lot of other alternatives available for not getting stuck in a stressful job scenario. Here are some essential and useful factors: 

6. Music

Listening to music would indeed prove beneficial if your work is taking a toll on your health. Relax yourself by listening to your favorite artists during short breaks. One can utilize the travelling time for such musical sessions that would indeed help to resist all sorts of tension. 

7. Sitting Posture

Wrong sitting posture such as slouching while working on computer is linked with neck, back and shoulder pain. Did you know that jobs that require sitting for a long time, lead to the highest occurrence of back pain? If your work involves sitting in front of computer for a greater duration, then make sure to fix the monitor according to your eye level and maintain your hands close to the body while operating the keyboard. To prevent the harmful effect of extended immobility, all you require is to get up and move around. One should build a habit to get up after every 30 minutes or probably an hour to move for at least 3-4 minutes.

8. Fruit Juice Not Coffee

There are several stressful moments at work, when everyone requires something on an urgent basis. And a cup of coffee is usually preferred by most people. But do you keep asking for coffee on a frequent basis? This hot beverage does stimulate your brain, but experts say that more than 4 cups of coffee per day is dangerous to health. Some healthy changes in your lifestyle are indeed required and you should replace coffee with fruit juice or water. 

9. Drink Water

How many glasses of water you drink in a day? It is hard for most of us to recall this count. In fact, there are people who actually forget to drink water. One needs to realize this fact that, water is an essential element which is needed to maintain a normal body temperature. Moreover, it also helps to flush out the toxins and wastes via urination, bowel movement and perspiration. According to research, dehydration can affect brain and decreases your attention leading to memory problems.

10. Park Your Car at a Distance

If you manage a busy work schedule, then it may be difficult for you to hit the gym or go for walk. But, what if you add a physical activity to your work schedule? There are number of opportunities where you can fix a physical activity in your daily work schedule. One smart and sensible way is to park your car at a significant distance and prefer walking to your workplace. This task would indeed help you in keeping your fitness and mental health under some control.

11. Stand Whenever Possible

Majority of office-going population sits for nearly 6 hours in a day. Research indicates that cumulative impact of sitting all day for years is connected with a range of health problems, such as obesity, diabetes and even cancer. Currently, the popularity of the sit-stand desk as well as stand up workstation is on a rise. If you cannot manage a stand up workstation, make sure you divide your standing and sitting time on an equal basis. Do not forget to stand while you discuss work with your colleagues or while speaking on the phone.



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