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Yoga Asanas: Definition, Importance and Precautions

Yoga Asanas Definition – What does Yogasan mean?

Yoga is more than just a physical exercise; it is a road to profound emotional integration and spiritual progress, revealing a level beyond our wildest dreams. In the nineteenth century, the word ‘yoga’ was taken from Sanskrit and meant ‘union’ and ‘asana’, or ‘position’.

Yoga is an all-encompassing science that links the body, mind, soul, and universe. It brings everyone calm and happiness. It also causes substantial changes in one’s behaviour, thoughts, and attitude. Yoga practice on a daily basis improves our inner calm, sensitivity, intuition, and consciousness.

Importance of yoga

In Yogadarshan, Yogacharya Maharishi Patanjali presented the value of Yoga in the form of Sutras. Today, the same yoga is gaining popularity all over the world. Yoga is to bring together; i.e. bringing together mind, soul, and body. Yoga is the total union of the soul and the Supreme Soul. Yoga, according to Yogacharya Maharishi Patanjali, is “fixing one’s mind in one place” (yogascha chittavritti nirodha).

According to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras,’sthiram sukham asanam’ says that yoga posture is a balance of exertion and relaxation. We work hard to get into the pose and then relax there. Yogasanas provide equilibrium in all aspects of our lives. It teaches us to exert effort and then submit, providing us with the wisdom to avoid the repercussions. Yoga improves our physical flexibility and mental development.

Yogasana should be performed with a sense of rhythm and awareness. When we raise our hands for yoga, we first become aware of them and then slowly lift them in sync with the breath. Moving from one Yogasana stance to another is as graceful as a dance. Accomplish a bit more than we can easily do in each asana, and then rest comfortably in it; this is the key to yoga practice. These asanas enhance our minds by pushing our bodies beyond their acceptable limitations.

Maharishi Patanjali wrote another Yoga Sutra, “Prayatna Shaithilyananta Samapattibhayam,” which reinforces the same principle. Strive and dedicated, and our awareness expands to the limitless as a result.

Yoga Asanas Benefits

Yoga is a traditional Indian technique, which is used to bring the body, mind, and spirit together. Yoga can make the body, mind, and intellect entirely healthy. When your body, mind, and brain are all in good shape, you feel good about yourself.

Yoga not only treats ailments, but it may also correct various physical and mental defects. Yoga instils new vitality in our lives by fortifying our immune systems. Yogasana strengthens and stretches the body while also relieving tension, which is crucial in our daily lives. Yogasanas and yoga postures stimulate both the body and the psyche.

Major Benefits of Yogasana

  • Freedom from worry
  • Improved interpersonal connections
  • enormous tranquilly, increased immunity
  • Weight loss
  • Ability to make sound judgments at the correct moment
  • Relief from epilepsy
  • Freedom from stomach-related ailments
  • An increase in vitality.
  • Treat acne and pimples on the face.
  • Improves kidney function.

Major precautions while performing yoga

  • It is considered best to do Yogasana in the open and fresh air. Still, if it is not possible to do so, then asana can be done at any empty place.
  • Do not perform yoga sitting directly on the ground or floor. Use a carpet or clothes and sit on this to perform yoga asanas.
  • Do not do any Yogasana with a jerk. Do yoga as much as you can easily.
  • Do not take bath immediately after doing Yogasana because the body gets hot after exercising, and if you take bath in a hot body, then there may be problems like cold or body pain. That’s why one should take bath only after one hour of doing yoga.
  • Difficult asanas and Kapal Bhati should not be done during pregnancy.
  • It is always advised to start performing Yoga Asanas under an expert Yoga Guru (teacher) initially. Once you are confident, you can practice individually
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