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Walking: Benefits of Walking

Walking is a normal body phenomenon that also refers to different types of animal locomotion on land. A progressed and fast action of walking is called running or crawling. This is a body function that, if performed out in shallow waters, is also called wading. In the same way, when walking is performed over a sharp raised object or an obstacle, it is called either scrambling or climbing. The modern word walking is derived from the old English ‘walk’ which suggests rolling.

Considered on an average ratio a human child achieves the ability to walk freely between the age of nine and fifteen months old. The walking style differs depending on the style of every individual.

Below are some of the variations of walking:

Scrambling: Among human beings walking is a significant transportation method that is achieved without a vehicle or riding an animal. Scrambling is a walking style in which an individual uses the arms, not like a backup to normal balance. For a normal person, an average walking speed is about 5km/h but this only depends on such factors as age; a vital factor, height, weight, and topography.

Hand Walking: Hand Walking is another uncommon or unusual locomotion style in which the person who walks moves by using his/her hands.

Walking on crutches: walking on crutches suggests the manner of walking where crutches are used by an individual to move forward.

Normally walking is different from running which is a phenomenon where one foot only remains in contact with the ground at a time. Similarly, running is also different from walking and it is a process carried out by humans as well as other animals. It begins when both feet are off the ground with each step. For horses and other quadrupedal animals, the running pace is often different but while walking these animals keep three feet at a time on the ground. The difference between walking and running is marked by the difference where one foot always remains above the ground.

Types of Walking

Walking sometimes is also practiced as a hobby some people love to enjoy a long walk on a calm road hence many people also walk to satisfy their hobby. There are different types of walking which include bushwalking, volksmarching, hillwalking, weight-walking, and race walking. One other form is Nordic walking and hiking on long-distance paths.

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