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Wake Up Early: How To Become A Morning Person

Every individual nowadays, in day-to-day life becomes lazier than usual. Most of the people usually work online due to the Covid pandemic. The schedule has also been changed due to some situations like office workload, project work, late night studies, higher competition rate in exams, etc. can make the individuals a late night person. These lifestyle changes have the worst effects on the sleep-wake cycle and circadian rhythm.

Why we should wake up early?

Waking up early is the best way to stay healthy or punctual, to be on time or before the time. When we wake up early, we can do our work on time or before the time. It can lead to more time for yourself. You can do extra work after doing daily work. You can reach on time in office or college on. You can help your mother with household work so that she can make up time for herself too. Becoming a morning person can get you healthier and helps you to get glowing skin with fewer dark circles.

11 Tips to wake up early and become a morning person:

There are several habits that should be applied by ourselves for a better lifestyle to become a morning person and these are as follows:

  1. Avoid caffeine products because it is consumed in our body quickly and blocks the adenosine receptors which are also known as sleep-promoting receptors that keep you awake all the time. Avoid caffeine, especially at night or before bed which can affect sleep patterns or sleep disorders. Lack of sleep causes insomnia, sleep deprivation, etc. When we avoid caffeine, we can sleep early or can wake up early.
  2. Do some exercises daily so that you can get fitter. We should do exercise daily whether we like it or not. In the starting days, we don’t like to do physical exercises in the early morning but after some days we get used to it which makes us healthier or helps us to become a morning person.
  3. Avoid using mobile phones before bed, takes a God’s name, or remember any positive vibe, moment or person that makes you feel good and go to sleep.
  4. Go to the park early morning for the positive and fresh vibes which make your whole day refreshing.
  5. Do not take long sleep or afternoon naps in your daily routine which makes you lazier and leads to sleeping late at the night.
  6. Avoid consuming cigarettes that contain nicotine, alcohol, beer, drugs, etc. which are harmful to our health too.
  7. Put an alarm clock to wake up early. Go to sleep early so that you can complete your minimum 7-8 hours of sleep that helps you to keep the refreshing the entire day.
  8. If you are a student, do early morning studies instead of late night studies which helps them to memorize the topics for a long time. They should go to bed early to wake up early for their studies.
  9. And, if you are an office worker, your home works pressure is definitely going to be reduced by waking up early. If you sleep well or enough at night, you definitely going to wake up early on time with a fresh mind. Waking up late makes you feel irritated all the time, so you should wake up early which is important to becoming a morning person.
  10. A recent survey has been made in America in which people are asked why they wake up early in the morning. They said waking up early in the morning and first they thought about money and work that makes them more successful in life. 56 percent of the male and 48 per cent of the females respond about thinking of money and work after opening their eyes.
  11. According to the survey, people who woke up early at 5 am make more salary as compared to the late bed risers at 7 am. This survey tells that early rises have 46,000 dollars and those who woke up late at 7 am make 36,000 dollars annually, and these are reported by those who were part of the survey.

Becoming a morning person can help you to get a better lifestyle and it can also lead to reducing mental illness. Benjamin Franklin said that “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”.

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