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How Aadhar Card can make your financial life easier?

In 2009, India launched the world’s biggest biometric database which proved out to be highly beneficial for the citizen of the country. It reduced wastage in public expenditures and ease financial transactions.   It contains 12 digits unique identity number (UID). Aadhar has been made mandatory and it is required for all financial as well as some non-financial tasks. But SC never said it’s mandatory to link Aadhar to every bank account whether it be a savings account or a salary account, PPF accounts, NSC (National Savings Certificate), post office account, or Kissan Vikash Patra, etc.

While one can recognize the increasing acceptance of the Aadhar Card, it is considered that the document will be given more importance since many government schemes are being launched, which will require it as a mandatory document. With the help of Aadhar, one can access beneficial services like availing smartphone connections and authorizing money transactions.

Unlike other Identity cards, Aadhar card has no age limit, which means citizens from any age group can apply for it. What makes it unique is the fact that it contains the owner’s fingerprint impression and retina scan. This makes it safe from frauds and forgeries.

Aadhar Card make financial life easier

Facts about Aadhar Card

  1. Parents can get an Aadhar card for the infants but they need to get it updated with a retina scan and fingerprint impressions when their child turns 5.
  2. Aadhar card can be applied without any document but it is mandatory that at least someone in the family must have the documents.
  3. The owner can also download the Aadhar card copy online but make sure to delete the copy from any local system as it can lead to misuse.
  4. UIDAI has provided a wide range of facilities on their official portal like applying for the aadhar card, update the aadhar card, download a digital copy of the aadhar card, etc. owner can also lock or unlock the biometric database associated with the aadhar card. 

Aadhar Can Make Your Financial Life Easier

An Aadhar card is a unique number issued to every citizen of India. It is a centralized and universal identification number. The Aadhar card is a biometric document that collects an individual’s personal information in a government database and is fast becoming the government’s support for public welfare and citizen services.

There are various uses of Aadhar cards that are publicized by the government through awareness campaigns. There are a few uses that many users would not be aware of. We have highlighted those uses below:

Income tax

You can verify your listed returns through some simple steps online. It assists you to cut down on the documentation needs. This mode is more cost-effective and efficient. Linking the PAN with an Aadhar card was made mandatory to complete the process of ITR verification. 

Jan Dhan Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) is another benefit of the Aadhar Card. It requires an Aadhar number as the only document to open a new bank account. Under this, the benefits offered include RuPay Card, accident or life insurance, and a zero balance savings account.

Digital Life Certificate

The ‘Jeevan Pramaan for Pensioners’ or the Digital Life Certificate, was launched by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. The certificate proposed to eliminate the need for the pensioner to be physically present to receive a pension for the continuation of their scheme. Pensioners can now avail of pension without having to leave their homes as their details can be digitally obtained by the agency through their Aadhar Card numbers.

Direct benefit transfer

The Aadhar Card can be used to get subsidies (e.g. LPG subsidy), the amount will be directed to your bank. It is a DBTL scheme, which is termed PAHAL. To get it, one will require to link the Aadhar number with that of 17-digit LPG by visiting the respected locality distributor.

Monthly Pension

 For all the pensioners, it is now compulsory to register the Aadhar number to their respective departments to receive a monthly pension. This step has been started to avoid any fraudulent or fake beneficiary, and it is one of the best Aadhar Card benefits for senior citizens.

Availability of Subsidies

This is the most important use of the Aadhar card is that it allows you to get benefits from government subsidies that you are qualified for. As the government of India has all the required data of you as a resident of the country, you require to just show your Aadhar card to avail of the subsidies.

The Government of India has stated schemes whereby your Aadhar may be linked to your bank account and LPG connection so that you can get your LPG subsidy straight into your bank account. This also denies the opportunity of the funds being misused or any person endeavoring fake claims to get the benefits.

Electronic benefit transfers

 The UID-enabled Bank Account network will give a secure and low-cost platform to directly remit advantages to residents without the heavy costs associated today with benefit distribution. The leakages in the current system will also be derived as a result.


KYC stands for Know Your Customer and it requires all the documents containing your information like voter ID, PAN, etc but if you use an Aadhar card for this purpose, you are not required to submit any other document. 

Get the PF on time

By registering your Aadhar number with a bank account and EPF account, you can cut down the document necessities and time consumption. It is a very beneficial option for senior citizens. 

Wrapping It Up!

Perceiving the several importance, usages, and benefits of Aadhar card and its growing acceptance, it would be beneficial to have an Aadhar to avail of the benefits. As a responsible resident of India, we should make our country a strong governing digitally advanced country by accepting and utilization of Aadhar Card to the fullest extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Aadhar?
Ans. Aadhar is the 12-digit identity card for the citizens of India issued by UIDAI to the citizen of India for free of cost.

Q2: Can NRI apply for Aadhar?
Ans. Yes, an NRI, adult, or minor possessing a valid Indian Passport can apply for an Aadhar card in India.

Q3. Is it compulsory to give my Aadhar number for filing my Income Tax returns?
Ans. Yes, it is mandatory. Section 139AA of the Income-tax Act, 1961, introduced by the Finance Act, 2017 declares that providing the Enrolment ID of the Aadhar application form is mandatory for filing your income tax return.

Q4. Is Aadhar a money bill?
Ans. The Aadhar Act, 2016 is a money bill of the Parliament of India. It proposes to give legal backing to the Aadhar unique identification number project. It was passed by the Lok Sabha on 11 March 2016.

Q5. Is the Aadhar card a public document?
Ans. Aadhar is officially considered a valid proof of address, unlike some other IDs, such as the PAN card, which is required for filing income taxes.



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