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Hanuman Mahamantra: Manojavan Maruttulyavegam Meaning and Explanation

By chanting this Manojavan Maruttulyavegam mantra taken from Ram Raksha Strot or simply saying Hanuman Mahamantra, Hanuman ji gets pleased and does welfare on the request of his seeker.

Hanuman Mahamantra – Manojavam Maruttulyavegam

in Sanskrit

“मनोजवं मारुततुल्यवेगमं
जितेन्द्रियं बुद्धिमतां वरिष्ठं।
वातात्मजं वानरयूथमुख्यं
श्रीरामदूतं शरणं प्रपद्ये।।”

Hanuman Mahamantra in English

Manojavan Maruttulyavegam
Jitendriya Budhimatam Varishtham |
vatatmajam vanarayuthmukhyam
Shri Ramdootam Sharanam Prapadye ||

Lord Hanuman ji has been praised in this unique verse. In this article we will try to understand its meaning and importance.

Word by Word Meaning of Hanuman Mahamantra

  • Manojavam – having the same speed as the mind
  • Maruttulyvavegam – One who has the speed of the wind
  • Jitendriya – One who has conquered the senses
  • Budhimatam – Among the wise
  • Varishtham – The Best
  • Vaatatmajan – Son of the God Pawan (wind)
  • Vanaryuthmukhyam – One who is the foremost among the Vanaras (monkeys)
  • Shriramdootam – One who is the messenger of Lord Shri Ram
  • Sharanam – in refuge
  • Prapadye – surrender

Simple Meaning of Hanuman Mahamantra

The simple meaning of manojavam marututulyavegam mantra is, Hanuman ji who moves like the mind and moves with the speed of the wind, who has conquered all the senses and who is the best among the wise, the foremost among the monkeys and the supreme messenger of Lord Rama, I surrender myself in his shelter. May he do good to me.

Gist of Hanuman Mahamantra Manojavan Maruttulyavegam

This Sanskrit verse is taken from the Ram Raksha Stotram. This is a very powerful mantra for prayer to Bajrangbali (lord Hanuman ji) that prompts us to seek the qualities that we can follow to make our lives successful: devotion, action, self-study, leadership, and self-control.

Explanation of Hanuman Mahamantra

We will also explain this great mantra of Hanuman ji in detail in this article and analyze the words uttered in this mantra.

Supersensuous sharpness and devotion

Comparing Hanuman’s transcendental sharpness and his wonderful devotion, which moves like the fluidity of the mind, this verse recalls his overwhelming qualities. As the mind travels fast, my devotion to Lord Hanuman takes us towards divinity at the same speed.

Conqueror of the senses

This verse praises the victory over the senses (jitendriya), which reveals Hanuman’s attribute of ultimate self-control and meditation. It shows His amazing willpower and inspires us to conquer our inner struggles.

Intelligence and leadership

This Hanuman Mahamantra presents Hanuman ji as the best of the intelligent and the leader of the monkeys. Hanuman ji, said to be the son of the god wind, is admired as the leader of the monkey army. His wisdom, heroism and excellence have been important to humanity for many centuries, making us realize the value of intelligence and genius.

Refuge and security

Lastly, this shloka praises the divine protection provided by Hanuman, the messenger of Shri Ram. Surrendering to His shelter, we gain the courage and strength to cross this material life.

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