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Calcium: How can manage Calcium in diet

Calcium is a substance that occurs naturally and is required by the body to construct and maintain strong and stout teeth and bones. Calcium is not produced in the body and therefore it is essential to absorb it with the help of some diets which contain calcium. Calcium is cast off from the body in skin, hair, nails, feces, sweat and urine. When someone does not take enough calcium in his diet then the body breaks down the bones to obtain the mineral. Bones go through a process of remodeling throughout the life of an individual, in which the small bones old bones are moved out and in their place, new bone is formed and this process continues all the time. It is generally seen that after attaining the age of 35 years most of the bones are lost.

About Calcium

The remodeling process becomes very slow with advancing age. Bone loss quickens well after menopause. Women are more vulnerable to osteoporosis, or a slimming of the bones, which happens slowly over a period of several years. Some of researchers consider that too little intake of calcium in the diet in the earlier part of life, decreasing hormone levels, and very little exercise are some of the major things which initiate osteoporosis.

Source of Calcium

Calcium can be found in a number of foods. The biggest source of calcium is milk and dairy products. Green leafy vegetables are among the other major source of calcium. It is for this reason that physicians suggest taking a balanced diet with a variety of foods. Calcium is required by the body to perform various functions. These functions include the building and maintenance of bones and teeth, the transmission of nerve impulses, blood clotting and the regulation of the rhythm of the heart. Out of a hundred ninety-nine percent of calcium found in the human body is stored in the teeth and bones. The one percent of calcium that remains is available in the blood and various other tissues.

How can manage Calcium in the Diet

The amount of calcium needed by the body comes in two ways. People eat foods that are rich in calcium and thus it is received by the body. The best sources are dairy products, dried beans, etc. Calcium is also pulled from bones when calcium blood levels drop very low, normally when you do not take calcium for too long. The calcium which is taken out from the bones is again replaced at a later stage. This thing does not happen all the time and the major thing is that this payback cannot be carried out by just eating more calcium. Although there is a great debate everywhere about milk and calcium, it can be said in clear terms that the intake of adequate calcium is good for the growth and development of bones and non-bone functions. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Still, there is no established amount of calcium that one should take in daily food. Various scientific approaches have produced several estimates. Balance studies analyze the specific point at which the amount of calcium taken in equals the amount of calcium eliminated. This suggests a decent intake of calcium is 550 mg/day.

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