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Top 10 things to do in Lanzarote

If you’re planning a Lanzarote holiday then you’re probably excited by the fact that there seem to be so many things to do. Despite being a very small island, Lanzarote has more than enough to keep you busy even if you’re spending a whole month away from home. Here’s a quick guide to the top 10 things to do in Lanzarote.

Top 10 things to do in Lanzarote

Visit the Timanfaya National Park

Timanfaya National Park

The Timanfaya National Park, as a whole, is the biggest and most popular of all Lanzarote’s attractions.  The National Park is home to the awe-inspiring Montañas del Fuego. You’ll arrive to find a dusty red landscape, decorated with hills and volcanoes. Temperatures just a little below the surface reach 600°C, and tour guides will demonstrate the heat by throwing dry grass into a small hole so that you can watch it burst into flames.

Eat Food Cooked on a Volcano


Of course, if you’re visiting the Timanfaya National Park you’ll also want to check a second activity off your list. The park is home to the El Diablo restaurant, where BBQ foods are cooked over a large hole in the ground. It’s a completely unique dining experience.

Tour a Vineyard


Lanzarote’s vineyards are famous around the world, with vines growing out of the dry and dusty ground. Book your place on a vineyard tour to learn more about how wines are produced. You can buy bottles to take home from vineyard gift shops, and might even get a few samples on your tour.

Go on a Boat

Go on a boat

Lanzarote boat tours are incredibly varied, but all very exciting. Some tours enable you to view the island’s marine life, and you may see flying fish gliding alongside your boat as you head away from the coast. Other boat tours have a party atmosphere better suited to adults, where you’ll be able to enjoy live entertainment and plenty of sangria.

Go on a Submarine


Submarine tours aren’t as common as boat tours, but if you can find a company offering one then it’s definitely worth booking your place. You’ll get to see life below the surface of the waves, with the chance to view dolphins and turtles as well as a variety of colorful plants and fish.

Visit the Cactus Garden

The Jardin de Cactus is home to more than 1,450 species of cactus and more than 10,000 cactus plants in total. The garden was built in an old quarry, and it’s an extremely interesting place to visit.

Go Swimming

Go Swimming

With Lanzarote’s warm weather you’ll definitely want to spend some time in the water. You can go swimming in the sea, visit a water park or stay in one of the many Lanzarote villas with pools for 24-hour access. The Aquapark water park is the biggest and most popular water park on the island.

Ride a Camel

Ride on Camel

Riding a camel across the dry Lanzarote landscape is an experience that you’ll never forget. Lanzarote camels typically have two seats – on either side of their hump – allowing two people of a similar weight to ride side-by-side.

Go to the Rancho Texas Park

The Rancho Texas Park is Lanzarote’s theme park with Wild West activities, shows, and rides. You’ll also find a small water park and a zoo with a wide variety of animals.

Visit Jameos del Agua

Jameos del Agua

Lanzarote’s incredible volcanic tunnels have formed a cave system, within which residents of the island have created a breathtaking theatre and cinema venue. There are also bright blue pools for swimming, places to eat, and surrounding gardens and picnic spots. The caves are home to rare blind albino crabs.

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