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Top 10 Beaches to See in Australia

Mile-long sandy beaches, blue ocean, palm trees, sparkling waves… Australia’s beaches are truly a magnet for visitors from all over the world, and how could it not be. With its 37000 miles of coastline, Australia has plenty of beautiful beaches and we shall now present to you the top 10 beaches to see in Australia.

Top 10 Beaches to see in Australia

Green Island beach, Queensland

Although accessible only by boat, this beach offers the most beautiful smooth white sand, azure waters, and fantastic options for diving. It is very popular so you should not have a problem finding an agency that offers trips to this destination.

The beach is under the protection of the state as a rich natural resource but still, you can find here plenty of small shops and bars. It is also protected from the open sea by a coral reef so the water is calm which is ideal for families with small children. Under the water, you can find a real treasure of rich natural life along with millions of sea turtles sea shells corals, and tropical fish.

Monkey Mia beach, West Australia

This beach has the friendliest dolphins in the whole world. They come all the way to the shallow waters and curiously play with the bathers. This is with no doubt the best place in the world for dolphin watching, where you can see them up close in their natural habitat. Several flocks come to the beach almost every year and for the past 5 years only a few times they haven’t shown up. The visitors are generally required not to touch the dolphins but they are so cute and cuddly that you simply cannot resist.

Jervis Bay beach, New South Wales

Do you want to escape from crowds? The beaches of southeast Australia have been unfairly underrated. Maybe the water is not as warm as in Queensland, but you can enter the water without the fear of crocodiles, jellyfish, snakes… In summer the temperatures sometimes reach over 37°C so it can be really hot. White sand, extremely clean and clear sea, no crowds are some of the things that this beach generously offers. This is the true example of the beach which you will choose if you want unspoiled nature, peace and quiet with normal comfort and it is only a two-hour drive from Sydney.

Bondi Beach, New South Wales

Probably one of the most famous beaches in the world. By bus from the center of Sydney, you can reach Bondi beach in no time. The water is clean and blue, and the beach is well organized and maintained. Although it is usually crowded, we may say that the crowds are not as nearly big as those of the Mediterranean coast. However, if you like peace it is advisable to come here in the morning hours when the sea is the most beautiful.

On the beach there is a surf school therefore in a short time you can learn the basics of surfing. Also, the beach is surrounded by bars and restaurants that always offer a tasty bite, cold beverage, and shelter from the sun. The beach is patrolled by the lifeguards all the time.

Cottesloe beach, Perth

Overlooking the Indian Ocean in Perth, on the west side of Australia, the beautiful Cottesloe beach is located. This beach is composed of smooth white sand that each year lures many tourists as well as locals. Beautiful crystal clear water is an extra motive for those seeking top-class enjoyments in summer delights and beauties of nature.

Gold Coast beach, Queensland

Gold Coast beach is the most popular vacation destination among domestic tourists. Apart from them here you can find many tourists from Japan. The beach is long, the sand is smooth and along the beach, you can find a stretch of hotels, cafes, and shops.

Rainbow Beach, Queensland

This is the beach with colorful sand, from white through reddish to full black sand. The beach is of volcanic origin and that is the reason why the sand is in the color of the rainbow. According to the Aboriginal legend, the sand was colored when the spirit of the fallen rainbow fell down on it. The rainbow left its colors to adorn the beach up to eternity.

Wineglass Bay beach, Tasmania

Rarely mentioned and even more rarely visited. The beach is composed of smooth white sand and it is of crescent shape with crystal clear sea on one and lots of greenery on the other side. Above the beach, there are impressive cliffs.

You can reach this beach by car. The nearest parking lot is an hour of walk away from the beach but do not despair. The walk through the untouched national park can be really relaxing and in any case, do not forget to bring your camera.

Twelve Apostles beach, Victoria

This is really an amazing beach. Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone in the Port Campbell National Park which is situated across the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Limestones with their unusual shapes attract a large number of tourists from all over the world.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island

The most famous and the most beautiful beach on Whitsunday Island in Australia. This 7 km long beach has been declared in 2008 the cleanest beach in Australia. The landscape dotted with white sand and amazingly clear water is perfect for honeymooning apart from other things.

The sand is composed of 98% pure silica giving it a white appearance. Unlike ordinary sand, the sand here does not retain heat so it is comfortable for walking barefooted even on hot days.

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