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Oven-Dried Organic Cherry Tomatoes

Health is Wealth. It is the primary duty of each and every human being to take care of his or her health. Apart from regular exercise, people should also have good and healthy food. In the modern age organic foods are in great demand. Organic food ensures a healthy life. Now –a –days even organic crops are being grown. Most organic food items are made by making use of organic ingredients. Organic food is not only healthy but also good to eat. There are a considerable number of restaurants all over the world that satisfy their food – loving customers with healthy as well as delicious organic dishes. However, you can also make many organic dishes at home itself. Oven-Dried Organic Cherry Tomatoes are an organic dish. This is not only available in the various good restaurants in different parts of the world but can also be made at home. But for this, it is needed to know the ingredients. Apart from this, you must also know the proper process that has to be followed in order to make Oven-Dried Organic Cherry Tomatoes.

How to make Oven-Dried Organic Cherry Tomatoes

As far as the ingredients are concerned, for making Oven-Dried Organic Cherry Tomatoes, you will require 1 ½ pounds of organic cherries. You can also use grape tomatoes instead of Cherry. Apart from this, the other things needed include two tablespoons of Italian herbs, ¼ th teaspoon of red pepper, salt according to your taste, ½ cup of olive oil, cracked organic pepper, and six to eight garlic cloves. The cloves should be smashed properly. The oven has to be preheated at the temperature of 250°. The tomatoes have to slice. Then the tomatoes have to be placed in a bowl and salt, as well as pepper, have to be added to it for taste.

Olive oil has to be heated then. Garlic has to be stirred in the oil until it acquires red-brown color. The Italian herbs have to add to the oil, stirring a bit and they have to be removed from the heat. Then the organic tomatoes have to be tossed in herb oil and garlic. Then, if wanted red pepper can be added to the whole mixture. Then the mixture has to be stirred properly. Then the previously sliced tomatoes have to be placed on a baking sheet. Excess oil has to be drizzled on it. Then the whole thing has to be put in the oven. The whole thing will need four to five hours to get dried. The tomatoes can be kept in the oven overnight. The fragrance that comes out of the food after the preparation is complete is awesome.

As soon as the tomatoes acquire the Oven-Dried Organic Cherry Tomatoes are ready for serving. The food is also very healthy. Serve the extremely tasty organic food called Oven-Dried Organic Cherry Tomatoes and make all the guests who will be coming to your place happy.

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