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Organic Farming: Methods & Importance

Methods of Organic Farming are resorted to in order to grow Organic Foods. By Organic Foods, we mean the foods which are grown for consumption, however, without resorting to any method which will prove harmful to the environment. They work with a noble vision in mind. Therefore, they take recourse to the natural farm cycles. Even companies have joined hands with them to make organic foods available in various supermarkets and shopping malls. Methods of Organic Farming are thereby, resorted to in order to maintain the ecological balance and retention of the purity of the atmosphere. The growing of organic foods is carried out to see that the environment is interfered with in any way.

Important Ways in which Organic Farming

There are different aspects which are associated with the Methods of Organic Farming. One of the important Ways in which Organic Farming can be brought about is by resorting to cropping rotation. This technique is extremely popular with farmers who grow foods resorting to organic modes of production. The major advantage of crop rotation is that it helps to renew the fertility and freshness of the soil. It is one of the most natural ways in reviving the fertility of the soil. It is also one of the oldest as well as natural methods. The land is alternately left fallow and alternately taken up for cultivation. This helps the cultivable land recover its capacity to nourish the plant. It is also known as a crop -sequencing.

Crop- rotation is the practice of growing a series of dissimilar types of crops in the same area successively. This helps to prevent the soil from getting infested with disease-producing pathogens and pests. This can be effectively brought about if the land is alternatively cultivated with green manure variety of crops as well as cereals. Plants with deep and shallow roots are also grown in the rotational mode to prevent nutrient depletion from the soil.

Methods of Organic Farming

Methods of Organic Farming thereby substitute chemically produced pesticides and fertilizer with natural modes of food cultivation. In doing so they try to discover and recognize the inherent growing capacities in the soil. It is a method that tries to deeply discover and use all the potentialities present in the ground. The Method of Organic Farming also resorts to all the modes which help in increasing the fertility of the soil. This is by growing crops of the Green Manure variety. They are leguminous crops like lentils which help in maintaining the nitrogen balance. They are plowed beneath the soil and then finally incorporated into the soil. Green Manure is a type of cover crop. They help to improve and protect the soil. The root systems of some types of green manure grow deep into the soil. This helps to pull up the nutrients found deep in the soil to the level of the plant crops with shallow roots. This is to get the scope to be nourished.

Application of the organic substance compost with a little bit of treatment help to bind the soil. Compost also helps in reducing organic waste from entering landfills. They act as excellent soil- conditioners. Compost also helps in pathogen destruction and helps in bedding substitutes as well. Mulching too enhances the quality of the soil. These are the various ways in which organic farming can be brought about.

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