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Food Chain Pyramid

Food Chain pyramid is a pyramid that shows how every living getting its food. There are simple food chain pyramids as well as complex food chain pyramids. The food chain pyramids include trees and shrubs, herbivores, carnivores as well as omnivores. Each part of the pyramid is linked with the other. The pyramid of the food chain always starts with plants and generally ends with an animal.

How can help of Food chain pyramid

In the food chain pyramid, you will find that plants are the producers of food. It is the plants that utilize solar energy in order to produce food with the help of water and carbon dioxide. The animals are the second strata in the food chain pyramid. The animals cannot make their own food. Thus they have to eat the plants as well as other animals. The animals are thus known as consumers. The animals or the consumers can be further divided into various types. To know more, scroll down:

The first group of consumers is known as herbivores. Herbivores are one of the main categories of consumers. These herbivores only take in plants as their food. These are also known as primary consumers as well. These are an important part of food chain pyramid.

The second group of consumers is also known as herbivores. These are also a major part of the food chain pyramid. These are actually those animals that eat other animals in order to fulfill their own food. The secondary consumers are further divided into two separate categories. There are some carnivores that eat only herbivores. They are also known as secondary consumers. Again there are some carnivores that also eat other carnivores. These are also known as tertiary carnivores.

Another group of consumers is known as omnivores. This is also an important part of the food chain pyramid. This group includes both animals as well as human beings. Omnivores have both animals and plants. Other than this group there is also another group which is also known as decomposers. These include bacteria as well as fungi. They feed on different types of decaying matter. They also help in the decaying processes of various things.

Benefits of food chain pyramid

One of the important facts about the food chain pyramid is that if the size of the population decreases then it will also affect the food chain pyramids. This is because there is a total interdependence between each group over the other group. Thus, to take an example, we can say that if there are a large number of goats that means that there is less number of plants in the pyramid. As a result of this, some of the goats will die out of starvation. This will in turn reduce the number of goats. This will in turn lead to less food for the tigers and lions as well as other carnivorous animals. Thus there will be total confusion in the food chain pyramid and there will be an imbalance as well.

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