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Diet and Nutrition of Teenagers

Diet and Nutrition of Teenagers: The diet and Nutrition of Teenagers should be well planned so that it gives all the essential nutrients to the body. Teenagers are in the prime period of their life and they need proper care of their health, as teenage takes to the later part of life and it is the teenage, which build the foundation of a good life in the future. Teenagers pay little attention to their health and remain busy with other priorities in life. They get little time to think about their health as academic life and things keep them all the time busy. Teenagers love to go for different sports, which give them good fitness. But the most important thing of good health, that is, proper nutrition and diet remain missing from their life.

The teenagers pay little attention to the nutritional quality of the food and love to be pampered with junk food which contains fewer nutrients and which is unhealthy for health. Junk foods can’t supply sufficient nutrition to the body and so the body doesn’t get the sufficient nutrition, that it needs to remain healthy. The parents have a big role in this. The parents should prepare such a diet for a teenager which supplies all the nutrients needed for the growing body of a teenager.

Proper diet and nutrition not only play a vital role in the life of a teenager but also it is of utmost importance in the life of all people. Our body stays fit and healthy when we get all nutrients in the diet. Different food items have different nutritional values and our body needs a perfect combination of all the nutrients. A balanced diet contains all the essential elements needed for the body, the absence of which can give rise to different health problems. In the same way taking of the same kind of food also can make you suffer giving rise to different problems. So while preparing the diet and nutrition of teenagers you should keep in mind that the diet should be a balanced combination of all nutrients.

How To Maintain The Diet And Nutrition Of Teenagers

Teenage is the vital period of growth of the body and mind; so the most important thing in a teenager’s diet should be protein, which plays the maximum role in the growth and development of the body. Apart from this, the diet should also contain sufficient carbohydrates, which also help in growth and supply energy to the body. The diet and nutrition of teenagers should also contain minerals and vitamins. Make a diet for the teenager with sufficient carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, pasta, fruits, vegetables, milk, dairy food, meat, fish or egg, pulses, soybeans, etc.

While preparing the diet keep one thing in mind the food has to be tasteful yet nutritional. Avoid too much use of spices and oil in the food. Teenagers get bored with the same kind of food very easily so change the diet according to your convenience but at the same time make sure that it provides the necessary nutrients. Keeping the basic element intact different varieties of food preparations can be made to add some extra essence to the diet of teenagers.

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