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Daily Requirement of Calories

Daily Requirement of Calories: To judge the appropriate amounts of a balanced diet in our human bodies we should be well informed about the daily requirement of calories. This idea can only be provided by doctors. The daily requirement of calories is not of the same amount in a full-grown person’s body as that of a child. A balanced diet is the main thing that we should have to live a healthy life without the use of medicines. There are lots of exercises that we all practice on regular basis.

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But heavy exercises are not the only solution to build up a fit body. A balanced diet and light exercises are the exact combinations that you should always maintain to keep your body fit in the most perfect way. Intake of food means intake of calories, the measurement of the energy required for all the work done by our body. So, to maintain the exact amount of energy and the balancing factor between it and the intake of food items we should know everything about the daily requirement of calories. An excessive calories can cause obesity, which has become one of the greatest enemies of health in the modern era. There are thousands of residents in America who are suffering from obesity. That is why the daily requirement of calories has become a matter of great importance in all countries. There are different sources of calories, especially from the nutritious foods that are available throughout the world. Among them, there are many food items that are sources of carbohydrate which is very important for our bodies. Rice and bread are the staple foods in many countries, especially in Asia. But, above all, the balance between the intake of calories, as well as the output of energy from our bodies, is a matter of concern.

There is an equation rule for measuring the daily requirement of calories in any human body. This rule is known as the Miffin-St. Jeor Equation. This equation helps to evaluate the exact amount of calories required in a person’s body as per the body weight. A balanced diet is also the best way to lose excess body weight. According to the equation, it is measured that a pound of body weight is equivalent to three thousand five hundred calories. That is why doctors prescribe obese people to reduce their body weight by at least one and a half pounds each week. This will also reduce the daily requirement of calories for their bodies. This is in fact the very first step of maintaining a balanced diet. Light exercises are enough for maintaining the body weight perfectly. You need not go for heavy exercises to lose the body weight if you can maintain the balanced diet that is prescribed to you by a doctor or a commercial gym trainer. There are also differences between male body weight and that of a female. Generally, the female body should be lighter to keep the appropriate fit.

Stress has become one of the perpetual issues of modern society and that is why there are immense trials going on how to reduce the amount and the side effects of stress. A balanced diet is something that will not only make you able to have a sound body but this will also give you a perfect mind. This is because of the fact that without a comfortable body no one is able to work with a perfect mind. Therefore there is a need for a balanced diet and the daily requirement of calories. These are the main strategies to live a healthy life. You should also promote the idea among your family members in order to provide everyone with a healthy and promising life.

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