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All About Passport: What You Need to Know

The passport is a small booklet that contains one’s identity details such as name, date of birth, place of birth, etc. In addition to the personal details, it also contains the booklet details. The passport is considered one of the valid identity documents in a country. It is issued by the government of a particular country to its citizens. It is meant for travelling outside the country. Without a passport, travelling outside is quite difficult.

These days, it has become mandatory to own a passport. While people faced a lot of problems to make a passport earlier, these days the process has become simpler. With more and more people registering for passports, the process is made online and hassle-free. The passport status can also be found out online. Passport is needed when someone is travelling by car or flight abroad. It proves the nationality of the person and hence allows to land in the foreign land. In addition to the passport, many countries might require a visa. There are many types of passports which are required for different purposes. For example, a collective passport may be made for a group, diplomatic passports for citizens who are travelling abroad to represent their country and so on. No matter what the reason is, to make a passport, one must know the important details about it.

All About Passport

How to Apply for a New Passport?

These days, one can apply online for passport application. Following are the steps for online application. The standard passport charges in India are INR 1500 for a new passport.

  1. Log in to the registered government official website for passport application. One has to register using a username and a password.
  2. Once the username has been registered it must be safely kept for further use. Using the username and password, one has to log into the website.
  3. There is an application form for new applicants. The form is to be filled and submitted online.
  4. After submission, one has to take an appointment for a visit to the nearest passport office or passport Seva Kendra. The appointment date and time is to be fixed.
  5. The payment can be done online or through challan. The challan fee can be paid to the designated bank.
  6. After it has been done, a printout of the application receipt must be taken out. This receipt has to be shown at the time of appointment.

One thing must be noted that the passport applicant must be physically present at the centre on the date of appointment. This rule is also applicable to infants. Online payment can be done using the debit card, credit card or using net banking. 

The documents required for a fresh passport is address proof, age proof, and photographs as and when required. 

How to Renew a Passport?

For passport renewal, one can do online as well as offline.

  • In the Passport Seva website, one has to register online. If already registered, one just has to log in on the website.
  • Based on the current address of the applicant, one has to select the nearest passport office.
  • After providing the basic details, a login id has to be created. 
  • On doing that, a link will be sent on the email. The link has to be clicked to activate the account.
  • On opening the account, one must click on the reissue of passport option.
  • A form has to be filled out accordingly for renewal of the passport.
  • After that, the appointment date is to be fixed. Once the appointment is over on the selected date and time, the validity of the passport can be changed.

What are the Documents Required for Renewal of Passport?

The main documents required for passport renewal are as follows:

  1. Original copy of the old passport
  2. Copy of self-attested ECR / non-ECR page
  3. Copy of self-attested first and last two pages of original passport
  4. Copy of self-attested page of observation-if applicable
  5. Copy of Validity extension page-if applicable

The standard charges for passport renewal are also the same. It is INR 1500 which can be paid online or offline through a challan.

What to do in Case Passport is Lost or Damaged?

In case of loss of the passport within the country, one must immediately file a report with the nearest police station. If someone is staying abroad and has lost his/her passport, the Indian Mission must be contacted. After that, the application of reissue of the passport has to be done online. It usually takes up to seven days might be required for re-issuance of the passport. Police verification is usually not required. In case police verification is done, it may take up to 30 days.

Damaged passports can be of two types- partially damaged where the name, photo, passport number, and address is a visible and completely damaged passport. The tatkal scheme for issuance of a passport is available for a partially damaged passport. For a completely damaged passport, reissuance must be done like in case of lost passport case.

The documents required for lost passport/damaged passport are the same as for fresh or renewal of passport. The additional document which is required is the FIR copy for the lost passport. The charges for a duplicate passport are INR 3000 and it is INR 5000 for tatkal passport. 

How can the Passport Seva be Helpful?

The passport seva is an online portal by the government of India which helps in all the passport related issues to individuals. Right from an application for the new passport, renewal of passport, and the Passport Seva portal is there for service. Reissuance of duplicate passport can also be done here. The passport status can also be enquired on this portal. 

Using the portal, one can easily fill applications online according to one’s convenience. There is a lot of Passport Seva Kendra for fixing appointments. One can easily choose from any one of them based on their nearest location. Using the portal, making a passport has become very easy and hassle-free.



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